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Sun 8 Mar

Global Online Event | Free | Register Today

Be Seen | Be Heard | Be Healthy | Be Rich

This is what happens when 15 women collaborate.  They create an online summit with 15 masterclasses for International Women’s Day, 8th of March 2020.

One idea…that is all it takes 15 women later….its called impact❤️

We will be launching an online event called:

👉Be Seen

👉Be Heard

👉Be Healthy

👉Be Rich

My presentation – Authenticity –what does that mean?

  1. Networking to connect how do you do this?
  2. The power of collaboration how important is it to you?
  3. Leaving your corporate job and re-inventing yourself how do you set about doing this?
  4. How important is it to find your people?
  5. The power of community? What do you mean?

15 experts from six countries will deliver the masterclasses packed with knowledge and wisdom in their area of specialisation. 

This is a FREE EVENT.  But you need to register to watch all 15 Masterclasses.

Follow this Link to read more in the Magazine: Authority 5.

Follow this link to book in.

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