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Wed 29 Jul 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Fire Up your Business Sales Skills | Three steps to launch your sales in the new now

About Virtual Series Two:

Women’s Network Australia provides women in business with support and education to survive and thrive.   After six thought-provoking, inspiring and information-filled episodes of WNA Virtual Season One, we’ve decided to lock in another season.  Season Two of WNA Virtual will continue to connect nationally with our members and the business community.

Join us for Season Two – Fire Up Your Business.

Another Season of WNA Virtual where inspiring speakers and business leaders will share their secrets to business success. WNA are here to Fire up your confidence in business again.  Being clear in yourself, setting new goals and priorities where you are at.

Preview Episode Two:

Fire Up your Business Sales Skills | Three steps to launch your sales in the new now.

Whilst we talk of unprecedented times, granted the past few months have been unusual and challenging, but history tells us that there have been times when, what we class as normal, has come to a grinding halt during pandemics, wars, and recessions.  Just like those times, the businesses that have kept the momentum moving forward, were the ones that have not only survived ‘unprecedented’ times, but thrived.

Janeen Vosper is going to take us through the three “C”s.

Consolidate, Cultivate and Celebrate.

Consolidate your current business – by developing a plan to move forward.

Cultivate new business  – investing in building your brand and upskilling

Celebrate your wins including prioritising your health and wellness.

About Janeen Vosper:

From shop girl to General Manager of Sales for a multi-national; multi-million-dollar business; Janeen Vosper understands what it takes to be successful in business.

Since establishing her coaching/consulting business, Speech Perfect in 2007, Janeen has worked with hundreds of people who run small and micro businesses to become confident, skilled communicators and be comfortable in the entire sales process.

Author of ‘Good Girls Do Sell: The Modern Businesswoman’s Guide to Authentic Selling’, Janeen conducts regular sales and presenting workshops, has developed on-line training programs in sales and confident business practices.



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