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Tue 5 Dec 2017

Finding a Superstar Virtual Assistant For Your Business

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It comes as no surprise that the Virtual Assistant (VA) industry in Australia is really gaining momentum as more and more entrepreneurs understand and embrace the potential that they can offer business onshore and offshore.

If you’re looking for a Superstar VA who will be a true asset to you and your business, I would recommend you consider an onshore solution.  We have some amazing talent here in Australia – including top shelf EAs, Copywriters, Marketing Assistants, Bookkeepers etc who have opted to set themselves up online and ply their trade, and they bring with them a wealth of local business knowledge that offshore suppliers just can’t compete with.

But, where do entrepreneurs go to find a VA?

Well, there are a few very reputable Australian based VA networks you could start with, and these include the VA Institute, VA Placements, Virtually Yours Virtual Assistants, and VA Directory.

Much like a standard job listing, you will receive responses from suitably qualified VAs who are interested in the role you’ve posted.  You will then need to review and shortlist the applicants, and then interview (remember, they are Virtual Assistants, so you will need to interview online using a platform like Skype, or a phone call).

And, much like any applicant for any role (whether virtual or conventional), there are going to be some duds and some gold nuggets, and you need to know how to identify a Superstar VA when they come along.  It’s so important to be able to pick up on the cues that a true Superstar VA will demonstrate during the interview process.  These cues include:

  • Attention to Detail – look at the information they’ve sent through.  If they’re a Superstar, they’re putting their best foot forward from the word go.  There won’t be any typo’s or grammatical errors, and they’ll fully and professionally address the position criteria in their application.
  • Honesty and Integrity – a little bit harder to know before hiring them, but you should be able to get a good idea by taking the time to talk with them during the interview process.  Do they ‘own’ their mistakes and rectify them, are they ‘as good as their word’?  Remember, you need to be able to trust them with your sensitive information, and you also need to be able to trust them with your clients because they will be representing you and your business in the big wide world.
  • Solution Focused – are they proactive in their approach, or do they hone in on the problem rather than the solution?  Can they think outside the square?  Can they be relied on to be held accountable?  These are questions you need to ask yourself as you go through the interview process.
  • Accessible – there’s no point retaining a VA who is never contactable.  A Superstar VA will let you know how best to be in touch with them in normal circumstances as well as in an emergency, as well as when they are available (and when they won’t be).  It is very important that you identify and establish the communication expectation from the word go.

Superstar VAs aren’t as rare as you might think, but you need to be able to spot them from the crowd.  I guarantee, the results you can achieve with a Superstar VA onboard will amaze you!

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