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Thu 25 Mar 2021

Get Out of Your Funk And Into The Groove — Time to Move

Health & Wellbeing
Why is it that the word ‘exercise’ often fills us with dread and we put it off OR do it begrudgingly?

So many say ‘I hate exercise’.  Is it because we associate the word ‘exercise’ with something unpleasant?  Changing the word might help, but knowing what exercise can do for our mental health is key.  

Sure, we could change the word ‘exercise’ to ‘movement’ which has a softer edge to it, but it’s all movement.

Whether you’re a runner, cross fit junkie, yogi or cyclist, movement helps to build strong muscles while shaping our physique and extends our life. We know how better we feel after we move.  

So if exercise is so good to boost mental health, how do we find something we enjoy and look forward to doing daily? We look for that flood of endorphins and laying on the couch is not going to do it.  

But here’s what I know about what movement does for me. I needed to find what my body responded to and everyone’s body has a form of movement they like. Whether it’s a walk, jog, game of tennis or ballroom dancing, there’s something that YOUR body loves.    

For me it was yoga.  

I can wake up tired after a poor night’s sleep, but after an hour of yoga here’s what I notice, 

I immediately feel more energised while feeling calm.

I feel like the knots and tension have been ironed out.

My sense of strength is greatly improved.

I feel better about myself.

If I’ve sweated buckets, my skin feels fabulous.  

I feel even better if I find some of my favourite music and move to the rhythm of either some beautiful zen piano concerto or a little hip hop or even rock ‘n roll. Yoga, like almost all movement, can be done with a backdrop of just about any kind of music. It’s a motivator and makes the practice more fun while the hour goes by so quickly. Before you know it, you’re deeply hooked into the movement while forgetting your body has been working.  

It’s worth the effort for how you feel and look over time  If you’d like some information about my online yoga program, drop me an email on annen@tpg.com.au 

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