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Wed 27 Feb 2019

Give Your Business Book Away (part 2)

Writing, Editing & Publishing
Gift your book to potential clients, at events, and during conversations where you discover a common link.

Books that authors have shared with a fellow passenger during plane flights have later led to unexpected invitations to speak, consult, mentor and more.

You can also promote an offer to give your print book away to people for a period of time, and ask them to just cover postage. In return, you are building a database of contacts who are interested in your material, know who you are, and who may then be interested in another easily affordable service or product you offer later.  

Seth Godin, now a renowned author, self-published Purple Cow after being rejected by publishers. He printed 10,000 copies and gifted them for the cost of the postage. Not long after, a publishing company bought the rights to the book and sold 250,000 copies later that year. 

Jeff Goins, writer, convinced the publisher of his first trade book to give away hundreds of copies when it was launched (something they don’t like to do), and it went on to sell 20,000 copies in the first six months because it was out and about, and visible.  

You can also apply this same principal to gifting a pdf version of your highly desirable book online for a period of time, in order to build your email list of interested, pre-qualified people. You can then follow up with promotions of events, services and other offers. Callun Rush does this brilliantly with her free downloadable book, Wealth Through Workshops, which is the easy entry point to her very successful training and coaching business. If you apply this strategy, your gifted book must offer a highly desirable benefit – and in Callun’s case, it is wealth.  

Your business book should be an integral part of a long-term strategy for connecting with influential people; raising your visibility; building a growing following, some of whom may engage with you further; and attracting opportunities because you are recognised as a leader in your field. Add Amazon Best Seller to your credentials if you wish, but don’t rely on that claim to grow your business.

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