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Thu 7 Nov 2019


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Shhh… the universe is listening…

Sometimes you hear stories about people and you say “I wish that was us”, or “gosh, I’d love to do that”, or even “that’s the dream…” Well, that’s my story.

Five years ago, after a few gins, friends of ours said: “Come camping with us!” My reply was “yeah… nup” However, after much convincing, we bought gear and away we went. I hated camping. I mean, I hated camping. It was dirty, wet, hot, you had to walk everywhere with your stuff, and don’t get me started on toilets! But with a bit of coxing from my husband and sad eyes from my kids, I sucked it up! With my Sheridan doona tucked in my arms and an ergo neck pillow secured around my neck – away I went.

In April 2018, we were travelling back from a friend’s 40th in Sydney, and we stopped at a campground with the kids and the dog at Nambucca Heads. The kids were trying to take each other out on the beach, all three of them body slamming into each other, the dog barking at the surf and anything that looked like a killer stick, and I turned to my husband and said: “there’s gotta be something more for us out there…” The view was nuts. I’m talking the sky was endless, the beach was clean, and the salt air was filling our lungs.

Man down! One kiddo was injured, the dog was wearing a new coat of sand and seawater, and it was all over red rover, back to the camper for us to pack-up and head home.

Two days later, literally 48 hours a tiny boutique glamping business FELL OUT OF THE SKY and into our hands. So, what do you do when the Universe slaps you in the face with something like this? You grab it and hang on for dear life, is what you do! I mean, seriously! Who does that when your wife hates camping!?

After redundancy hit me right before Christmas 2018, I spent my last $25 on a cocktail. I cried. I Slept. And then realised that I better get my act together.

I have grabbed this opportunity, and I’m hanging on! You’ve got to when there are more plot twists and turns in running a small business than there are in Day time Telly!

You’ve got to listen. There is something greater out there for all of us regardless of if it’s on your current journey or a new one you don’t know you’re about to take. We were back to the bottom of the ladder. But it’s our ladder. If we were going to make this work, I had to get onboard. Camping. Done my way. Comfort. Glamour. Style.

No longer desk-bound, and we have a growing team that create unique experiences to enrich people’s lives.

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