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Wed 12 Sep 2018

Government Grants – Is Your Business Ready?

Finance & Insurance
Do you need help to grow your business?

Perhaps you are currently experiencing growth and need help to manage the impact of this growth.  Are you a startup in need of some general business advice or assistance with developing your business systems?

Perhaps you have an innovative new product ready for commercialisation and need assistance getting it to market.

Or perhaps you simply need hep with bringing your business into the digital age.

The right business grant applications for both state and federal government funding can secure the help you need to hit your business goals …. but preparation is key.

Accessing government funding to assist you is possible but neither the state or federal governments through their money away.

The time period available to access these initiatives is usually incredibly tight – in many cases less than a month – and the application process is becoming more onerous.  Add to this the fact that most grants are now highly competitive offerings and you begin to see how important it is to prepare before submitting your business grant application.

To ensure you are best placed to take advantage of these opportunities, follow this seven-step process:

Step 1 : Consider your readiness for a business grant application

Step 2: Identify a suitable project

Step 3: Understand the detail

Step 4: Prepare and plan for success.

Step 5: Maximise your funding potential

Step 6 : Understand and prepare your financial contribution

Step 7 : Work with your advisor

Achieving your business goals requires both a plan and funding to implement that plan.

At SRJ Walker Wayland, our advisors ensure you maximise your potential for funding success as you work towards your business goals.  For further information on business and strategic planning to access government funding, please contact Dianne Brown on 07 3490 9988.

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