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Fri 16 Nov 2018

Growth Factors – the Best Skin Care for Ageing, Sun Damaged Skin.

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Very few of us actually like how we look as we age. We kid ourselves we are not fussed about winkles, enlarged pores and brown spots, but secretly if we could turn back time we would. Growth factors take us back…………….not all the way, but they help unlike anything else we’ve had presented to us in skin care. Gaye Barlow explains the science behind the latest in anti-ageing ingredients.

Growth Factors are natural substances made by our cells to maintain healthy skin.   They essentially control everything – regulating cell production along with cell growth, division and maturation!  Our skin naturally produces them, however as we and our skin ages, our body produces fewer growth factors, decreasing the functionality of our skin and increasing the rate in which our skin and our body ages.

If we add growth factors to our skin diligently, every day, we can more than help to keep the skin functioning well with fewer wrinkles, less fine lines, decreased sagginess and improved more youthful tone and texture.

  • We’ll maintain the skin’s firmness and suppleness
  • We’ll support the repair of damaged cells including collagen and elastin.

All cells produce Growth factors, however individual types produced are usually more relevant to the health of the cell which produce it.  This means that a growth factor produced by a fat cell will best help the functionality of fat cells, not bone cells or muscle cells or skin cells.

Modern science has come to the fore – again!  Making it possible in a laboratory to manipulate growth factors from plants and human sources to be made to act like a cell from any chosen source.  This has in so many ways revolutionised the ability of skin care products to restore youth to an ageing skin. However, like all new things, it can be done well and be effective or be done purely as a marketing tool.

How are Growth factors produced?

Take a culture dish, add a few adult human fat cells (for instance) and watch. Stem cells are produced and from these growth factors are secreted – 150-300 types are available. These are collected, leaving the stem cells behind to continue to work.  When the growth factors are introduced to the skin they differentiate (change) into multiple skin cell types in order to repair and replace any damaged cells.

  • Increases new healthy cells and functionality of the skin, protecting and stimulating.
  • Wound repair – deep down and on the surface.
  • Collagen production – fewer lines
  • Creation of new blood vessels – more nutrients and oxygen where its needed.
  • Increases the number of collagen producing cells and improves their efficiency.
  • Increases immune cell production improving the ability to fight viral and bacterial infections
  • Promotes epithelial cell production improving tone and texture of the skin.

Many skin care products now contain stem cells and growth factors. Some will be from plants and some from humans.  Choose wisely as the ones originally from a human cell will work better in your skin. They also should have with no nasty’s added, be as *certified organic as possible and with other active ingredients added.  Massage them well into your skin and use twice a day. * sometimes the science has to override the organic component and so the best of these products may not be labelled organic.

Growth Factor molecules are large and therefore difficult to absorb into the skin. By applying serums containing them first, after cleansing and then layering other serums on top you will assist in their absorption by manually “pushing” the molecules into the skin.

If they are in a cream, use them over your serums, however these are best used at night so they absorb and act whilst you sleep

For optimal results also include in your skin care regime both a Vitamin C serum and a Vitamin A serum as they work differently in the skin but allow the growth factors the optimal conditions to act.

Physical UV protection – every day to protect your newly rejuvenated skin.

Look after your lifestyle: sleep, food, drink water, no smoking, stress management  – they all make a significant difference to how you age.

If you have or are developing any of the signs of ageing and/or have any sun-damage, growth factors are for you!  You will see a significant difference within 6-12 weeks using them twice a day.

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