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Mon 4 Feb 2019

Healthy Body Healthy Business

Health & Wellbeing
Do you know someone who is so dedicated to their work that they ‘simply have no time’ for exercise or health?

I once worked with a woman who was a loyal conscientious employee.   She arrived at work at least by 7am, ate her lunch at her desk and was usually the last one to leave after 6pm.

Her work was her life.  However she was overweight, suffered back pain, headaches, caught every bug going around and unfortunately when she took time off, it wasn’t for a wonderfully deserved holiday, but for illness.   This beautiful friend of mine was susceptible to colds, flu and infection because as bugs go around an office, it usually grabs hold of those with the weakest immune system and knocks them over with weeks of recovery.

When I asked her about her own health and exercise routine she looked at me with that incredulous expression ‘Are you kidding?   Like I have time for that!!’.

A redundancy came as an unexpected shock.   A new, forward thinking management introduced positive health and exercise initiatives that she was reluctant and simply unable to embrace.     My beautiful friend was so involved or distracted in her ‘must do’ worklist that her own selfcare was of no concern.   Her health to this day is still suffering and she has found re-employment difficult.

What could she have done?

If we don’t get up from our desk every 20 minutes our back will soon become painful.   If we ignore diet and movement, immune systems will start to send messages loud and clear.   Even if our job or business is our complete passion, health must come first.

Few goals are achievable if our health has diminished

I wonder, had my friend cared for her body, she might have embraced the company’s new health initiatives and not only kept her job, but maybe found herself promoted.

Here are 3 things you can start doing to improve your physical health, which in turn affects your long term business health:

  1. Get up from your computer every 20 minutes to stretch and move.
  2. Include plenty of water, vegetables, fruit and essential fatty acids in your diet.
  3. Strengthen your core – no matter what kind of work you do, a strong core will keep your body pain free.

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