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Fri 21 Dec 2018

Heart Health – How Many Times Will Your Heart Beat During an Average Lifetime?

Health & Wellbeing
The connection between our Heart and Stem Cell Nutrition

Did you know that  your heart beats about 100,000 times a day, about 35 million times a year?

Did you know that during an average lifetime, our heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times and pump over 45 million gallons (1000 litres) of blood….enough to fill 70 Olympic swimming pools?

Wow!!…Time to express our gratitude to our hearts!

When an existing heart cell is at the end of its life cycle, those cells can only be replaced by an Adult Stem Cell and a balance between cellular loss and tissue renewal is vital for a healthy heart.  Complete renewal of a heart is hard to estimate as every person is an individual, the relevance is not whether it is 20 or 25 years, it is important to know that the heart is in a constant state of renewal.

Taking into account our age and current health status, do we have enough Adult Stem Cells being released from our bone marrow into the bloodstream to accommodate the heart repair?

This is where I personally believe Stem Cell Nutrition can become a unique tool.  Clinical trials have shown that increasing the number of adult stem cells into the blood stream improves the heart’s tissue renewal.

Non-Scientific measures – Laughter is so important.

It is so important to support your heart with laughter and ultimately joy.  Ever heard, ‘have a light heart’?  Laughter elevates or ‘swells the heart’, similar to that feeling when you see a loved one or have a heart warming friendship.

I love this statement from the late Dr Allan Somersall, PhD, M.D.

“You cannot love with only half a heart.  You cannot even laugh with only half a heart.  You need your whole heart to laugh, to love and to live.”

Stem Cell Nutrition can assist your body with an Adult Stem Cell boost. Scientifically proven and documented by clinical trials, consuming AFA registers a 34% increase in the release of Adult Stem Cells into the bloodstream.

That 34% release equates to 4-9 million Adult Stem Cells.  Wouldn’t your heart love you for this?

Whatever health condition  you may have, your body will dictate where the greatest need of Adult Stem Cells go; Science has proven that your heart will always take first preference as opposed to your arthritic knees or shoulder injury.

I am available to discuss any concerns or answer any questions, however I do not make any health claims.  I do not diagnose, cure, alleviate or prevent any disease.

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