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Thu 30 Aug 2018

Homeostasis: Get in Balance

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When busy with your speaking or presenting career, life and business can get a little out of balance. We need to find balance and our own personal Homeostasis.

So what exactly is Homeostasis?

It is defined as the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

The nervous system helps keep homeostasis in breathing patterns. Because breathing is involuntary, the nervous system ensures that the body is getting much needed oxygen through breathing the appropriate amount of oxygen. When toxins get into your blood, they disrupt your body’s homeostasis.

We are responsible for our own Homeostasis…our own Equilibrium…our own balance.

When speaking or presenting, aim to always be in alignment with your values, needs, desires, integrity.

When you’re not, you’re incongruent and out of balance.

Get back into balance and equilibrium.

Find your personal Homeostasis. Your audience will thanks you for it.

Live Life…Love Life.

Be your best.

See you on the stages of the world.

Dream BIG

The Couragepreneur

~ Connecting You With Health, Wealth & Happiness ~

Pix Jonasson is a dynamic, award-winning businesswoman, National Peace Ambassador, International Speaker, Author & Writer, Communications and PR Consultant, Funlover and Social Marketing Pro. 

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