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Tue 1 Aug 2017

How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings?

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Today, companies can market themselves across the world through the internet attracting new customers and improving performance. Most of us are familiar with SEO tools which focus on increasing your company’s footprint on the web. The internet has recorded an influx of companies joining the platform as they attempt to grow their customer base through their internet presence.

Web Hosting

Selection of keywords and performing analytics does not guarantee optimal performance of your company’s online competitiveness. Rather, these factors contribute to your overall business effectiveness. Business web hosting is a major factor that determines whether your business’ internet presence is efficient.

You might be wondering, how does hosting work? Setting up a website for your company is a complicated process which requires a lot of investment. The basic outline is as follows: Purchase a domain name for your enterprise from Registrars which is the unique identifier of your company’s website just like an IP address.

Domain name prices vary from a few dollars upwards. The domain name requires maintenance, and DNS (Domain Name Servers/Systems) provide this service while directing internet requests for your domain name to your website. This is similar to the idea of a referencing system.

Your company website in its raw format is a collection of images, HTML files, photos and CSS files which require housing in a computer folder. This final stage is the essence of hosting, and the computer where the files are saved and accessed from is the hosting server.

Web Hosting and SEO Ranking

SEO ranking is an important factor in modern organisation 
marketing strategies and helps your company determine its performance in the market. SEOs are part of your company’s website and accessing them is a process which has to go through your server.

Factors affecting your server also have profound impacts on your SEO access and consequential ranking. SEO ranking is determined on the basis of access through search engines. Google and Bing will provide different measures for your SEO according to various indexes.

Web Hosting Factors and how they affect SEO ranking

An important determinant of your company’s SEO ranking is your server’s reputation in the industry. Popular servers are likely to create an ideal setting for your company’s exposure to more clients. However, this performance is not a guarantee of extraordinary results but is preferable to the alternative.

Server maintenance is another concern for your SEO ranking because it determines how often your website is up and running. Frequent server downtime means that your website is inaccessible due to maintenance or simply due to technical issues. Therefore, your company ranks poorly among the competition.

Before subscribing to have your website hosted, it is important to review all policies that relate to the support and possible remuneration in case of poor services owing to constant server downtime.

Server traffic also interferes with the access to your website which impairs your ranking. While sharing a server with several corporations is cost effective, the services lack in speed. Further, companies like Google do not prefer shared servers, looping back to the issue of server popularity and it effects to your websites exposure.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) as alternatives to Shared Servers

These servers allocate resources to the various websites in their catalogue efficiently. Your company has greater access power. SEO ranking under VPS is higher than in shared servers. 
Changing to VPS web hosting, your website will be more visible due to the efficiency in cataloguing. It has common for many companies to opt for this option due to these clear advantages.

How Geographic Factors Impact SEO Ranking

An important step in website design is deciding on the best location to have it hosted. Well, does hosting location affect SEO? Yes. However, it is not important when your target audience is the located across the world. For a local audience, it is cheap and convenient to host the website within the same geographic location. Therefore, SEO ranking is partially influenced by server location.

The Domain Name and it Impacts on SEO

The domain name picked for your company is important to SEO ranking as all links on the internet are directed to resources with that reference. In some cases, you might be influenced to change your domain name due to company or client changes. Naturally, you are concerned and wondering, does changing domain name affect SEO? Yes, the various links attached to the domain name might be lost if you are not prepared to make the transition smoothly.

Further, the old domain name has accumulated a profile on the internet and changing it might lose variable followers or subscriber. However, through expert redirecting such as 301-redirects, your old domain name will link traffic to your new domain name. The domain name grows in importance as you build a profile on the internet.

Internet marketing strategies are revolutionising how companies compete in the ever growing market. Adapting SEO marketing is important as you strive to remain competitive in this market. The tips and information shared here to demonstrate some important aspects of web hosting allowing you to make the best decision about your company website.

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