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Thu 2 Aug 2018

How to Increase e-commerce Conversions

Digital Technology
Turn lookers into buyers with these 7 tips

How to increase your e-commerce conversions.



Does your online store have plenty of lookers but not many buyers?
Maybe you have noticed a high amount of abandoned orders?

Here are 7 things you can do to turn lookers into buyers.

1. Product Descriptions.
Write your own product descriptions, yes it takes a bit longer but it is better than using the manufacturers’ description that “every other” online store may be using. It adds a feeling of uniqueness and helps you with your SEO. Include product dimensions, colours and any care instructions such as dishwasher or dryer safe. It’s all important to a customer.

2. Product Images.
Have several images of your products, in and out of the box. At different angles and if possible include a video showing the product functioning or in use.

3. In or Out of stock.
People want to be reassured that what they are ordering is in stock. While it is not necessary to have available quantities, an indicator or wording stating “in stock” or “out of stock” is important.

4. Shipping shock.
Make sure people can clearly see & understand your shipping prices. A lot of customers abandon their carts at checkout once they see the shipping price. Make sure shipping costs can be easily found in the menu of your website or have the information visible on pages as an image. This image should also be clickable and take them to your shipping costs page.

5. Size Guides.
If you sell clothing or footwear, size guides are important as sizes can be very different from what someone normally wears. Try to have a size guide for each product placed near or within the product description & not just a general size chart for all products. People then don’t have to search your site for this info and understand that the sizing specified is unique to this product.

6. Payment Types.
Have the type of payments you accept prominently displayed on your website. The best way to do this is to have an image showing the payments you accept.

7. Credibility.
Show that you are real. Having up to date testimonials, being regularly active on social media, current blog posts all show customers you are legit and open for business.

These 7 tips may also help cut down the number of customer emails or phone calls you receive checking your shipping prices if an item is in stock etc. Check your store and see which areas of your website you can update or improve to increase your sales.

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