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Tue 1 Dec 2020

How to manage the Christmas onslaught and stay on top of your health into the new year

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Everyone loves a fun Melbourne Cup Day. Whether you’re into the horses or not, whether it’s the fashion and the drinks and food that appeals, or whether it’s just another day to you, Melbourne Cup Day heralds a major onslaught of the Festive Season.

The party season kicks off on the 3rd November because guaranteed, from that day on, there are more parties, social events, Xmas functions and lunches that simply must be attended.    And what does that mean?     A fun social time is, without a doubt, great for our soul especially after the craziness of 2020.  And all of these leading social events culminate in the biggest two of the season.


Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

These two dates on the calendar, are by far, the biggest days of the year.   They’re all about such an excess of eating and drinking, that our poor little bodies, particularly our liver, can sometimes find it hard to handle.   I love this time of year.   But my body doesn’t.   It falls into exhaustive food comas all too easily which does our blood sugars and heart no good at all.

Why is it that January is full of promises that we’re going to have a dry February, that we’re going to detox and that the new year is going to be sooooo much better than the old one?    It’s because pretty much from Melbourne Cup day the amount of alchohol, sugar, gluten, dairy, wheat and excess of unfamiliar food and food proportions have been so much for our liver to handle, that January is all about detox, rest and recovery.

We do this year after year.   We  gain a little more weight, year after year.  Every year carries its own level of stress to add to our health woes, and this Covid year has been a cracker, but it’s in the last 2 months that the average person gains an extra 3 to 6 kilos.   Every year our liver struggles just a little more.   Could this be why we feel just that bit heavier each year if we’re not completely successful in dropping it all off by the following March?

Here are five tips to survive this party season

  1. Don’t accept every invitation to every party
  2. Take it easy on party filler food and stick to the veges, salads and protein.
  3. We don’t need the Xmas puddings and cakes.   The fruit at this time is wonderful.
  4. Your liver really doesn’t need the excess alcohol, but a light fruit punch in a beautiful glass is just as festive.
  5. With multiple family Christmas gatherings, stick to very small plates and keep up the exercise.

Would you like to join my 6 week online ‘Healthy with Anne’ program.   It’s chock full of information on food and drinking, exercise, boosting health, reducing inflammation and not only staying on top but feeling and looking better than ever heading into the New Year.   You’ll receive easy, at home, movement videos, recipes and more.   For only $29.95 you get a heap of information.  Just email me for more details on annen@tpg.com.au.

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