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Tue 31 Dec 2019

How Yoga Transformed My Life And My Business

Health & Wellbeing
In 2007 Anne Noonan faced a hysterectomy. She says that she was overweight, swollen, inflamed, chronically anaemic, had hot flushes on constant high volume, cardiac issues and needed to reduce her stress levels which were turning up in all forms from financial, to business, to family to children.

Her health she says was on a downhill slide. It was the discovery of Yoga that turned her life around.  When the operation was over, she thought life would be better. It wasn’t. Her weight kept increasing, and the other symptoms hung around. Three years later, she was still searching for relief. Anne needed to take her health into her own hands. Doctors offered pharmaceuticals. However, it was a conversation with a Yoga Therapist that was the catalyst to change. 

Anne used to be the aerobics queen. Back when many joined an aerobics class because of the cute outfits and the big hair while ignoring the knee and back injuries that proliferated that movement. Her aches and pains soon made aerobics and Zumba near impossible. Anne thought a PT would sort her out – it didn’t. A gym membership was of little use once she realised that she had no discipline to work through a circuit. Anne’s inflamed body remained that way while her choice of movement did nothing to relieve it, so she decided working it harder must be the answer. It wasn’t.  

A Yoga Mentor, who looked terrific, suggested that Anne should come to one of her classes. This mentor helped her understand the inflammation in her body, the heart pains, the body aches and taught her how to breathe and move slowly and deliberately. Anne learned how to open her chest muscles, to move her lymph, reduce her blood pressure, and calm her nervous system. She had no idea yoga could do all of this.  

So Anne continued on a regular yoga path from that moment and has never looked back. Once she could feel the body benefits, she knew her calling was to become an instructor for women experiencing similar life issues. It’s been almost ten years now, and it still astounds her to see the small incremental improvements that are continually happening.  

It’s not an overnight fix by any means. Yoga is a journey of the body, mind, and spirit, and it taught Anne to link all three. As she felt her health improve, so too did her self esteem and her business productivity, she claims.  

  • Life changed. So the business changed.  
  • Thirteen kilos lighter, she feels stronger, fitter, and healthier.  
  • Insulin resistance is gone, and blood sugar is at an all-time low. 
  • Stress levels are healthy, which means heart health has improved. 
  • She has learned patience and calm, which means that her nervous system is healthy.  
  • Achy knees are thankfully a thing of the past, so arthritis fears are squashed. 
  • She moves through life differently, which means her attitude to business, goal setting, and having self-confidence has improved.  
  • Menopausal symptoms, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, and depression are a thing of the past, so no medication necessary.

Nutrition is key  

Anne can’t talk about a massive life change without mentioning nutrition. She originally had it all wrong she claims. So she learned to identify inflammatory foods that made her symptoms intolerable. Her favourites – coffee, wine, bread, pizza, and the dreaded sugar needed to be reduced. Good quality fats, leafy greens, and less meat were essential, as was high-quality supplementation. Two qualifications in nutrition and food coaching weren’t enough to create the willpower she needed to change the way she ate, so it was a long road.  

Learning to breath  

Once Anne learned how to get her breath past her heart, life changed. Her heart health was a concern for a while, and while she was shallow breathing into her chest, that condition was not changing. The slow, meditative practices within Yoga have renewed not only her health, but she can feel they’ve affected her as a person. She confidently states: “I’m not who I was ten years ago.” 

Yoga has been referred to as ‘The Fountain of Youth’ and has been known for years to have transformative powers. Whether it’s a profoundly therapeutic practice, a power hour or a fun class in the pool, do your body a favour and give it a go. 

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