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Tue 21 Jul 2020

Is Your Brand Getting Lost in the Crowd?

Advertising & Marketing
Would you believe that the amount of time Australians spent on the internet decreased between 2019 and 2018?

Even so, Australians still spend more than 5 hours a day using the internet using social media, watching television (including streaming video), and listening to music.


For 2019, Australia’s winning social media platforms are LinkedIn and Instagram, with increases of 10% and 2.1% respectively. Facebook is still the most-used social media platform, with 16 million Australian users, but it didn’t gain significant numbers of new users this year.

Did you know that over a third of Australians are now using ad-blocking tools on their computers and mobile devices? One in four is using voice search or commands to find information and services and online shopping is up — tremendously. Desktop purchases are up 22% and mobile shopping is up 11%.

In this crowded, complex, and ever-changing marketplace full of messages, it can be confusing for a small business to know how to reach their customers. It takes creativity and knowledge to know how your brand can stand out and establish good strategies to avoid getting lost.

What is causing these changes and what does that mean for our business?

Some answers are simple and practical. Australians are using ad-blocking software more because in some cases, undesirable ads are blocking articles they’d like to read or videos they wish to watch. They’re also signing up for premium video services for the same reason.

Shopping habits are changing because customers are increasingly confident with online ordering. Online shopping often provides advantages in price and convenience over brick and mortar stores.

A more subtle change may be found in the way customers view different businesses and products. Information “overload” may cause some customers to tune out ever-present advertisements, whether they are presented in traditional form, such as billboards and signage, or via social media, like Facebook ads.

One thing hasn’t changed: your business should be engaging your prospective customers and it should be developing a strong rapport with them. So how may this best be done?

  1. Do you have the correct strategy for your business? Have you really planned strategically who, where, when, and how to communicate with your target audience? In many small businesses, this is an area that is often under-resourced and results in ‘scattergun’ approaches to marketing.
  2. Do you know what your customers are thinking? You will need to understand their pain points, what triggers their interest and what are their barriers to buying goods and services. Also, where are they in their customer journey?
  3. Have you reviewed your marketing communications and the content you are sharing? Does it add value or is it just ‘making noise’? In a crowded marketplace, it is important to get cut-through. Crafting a well thought through core message is essential and then sharing this messaging consistently across the platforms suited to your business is essential in building your brand/product awareness.

Being a great listener, having the right strategy, and crafting the message your customers want to hear will help your business to stand out and reach customers through the daily “overload.” Read more here‎

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