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Media Call Room

Helping the national media to source female candidates to make comment. 

Welcome to our FREE Media Call service. This popular service is available for use by professional journalists, TV producers and main stream media houses in their search to locate suitable female candidates to be interviewed for both television and print media stories and features.

Complete the 'Media Call Request Form' below and within 24 hours an alert will be issued. Candidates respond to you directly - which allows you to shortlist and select the most appropriate candidate quickly. 

n Submit a Media Call Request Form

What the national media has to say about the service

I've received some great responses from the WNA Media Call service from passionate and articulate women running their own businesses.
Christine Long
Freelance Writer

I love your media call service and get good response from it... Thanks WNA!
Erik Bigalk
Freelance Writer

This is an invaluable service. Your Members are always responsive and helpful and make finding interesting women to interview so much easier. Thank you for providing such a convenient and effective Media Call service.
Sarah Marinos
Freelance Journalist

The Media Call service is a terrific idea. I’ve almost always had good responses, no matter how obscure the enquiry. Thanks for providing the resource.
Rachel Browne
The Sun Herald Newspaper

It is a great service and in the past I have had so many fabulous responses. Thank you so much!
Farrah Butt
Contributing Editor
Leading Women’s Lifestyle Publication

I had a great response from my last call out. We will continue to use and promote the service. Thank you.
Linda Enever
General Manager
Family Capers

I have used this service in the past and I have always managed to find what I’m looking for. Thank you for such a great service.
Christine El-Khoury
Audience Producer

This is the most effective and broad service I've yet encountered for sourcing people who are willing to comment for a diverse range of articles. It works for everything from deeply personal stories to dry business issues.
Jeanne-Vida Douglas
Fairfax Media 

This is an absolutely brilliant service and never fails to yield results for me. Every time I have put out a Media Call I have been able to use at least one of the respondents, if not more. I'd call the service a win-win-win, as it's a great service for WNA to be offering both the media and their Members. 
Joanne Brookfield
Freelance Journalist and
Fairfax Media

An excellent means of finding the right case study in a short period of time. I always receive a fantastic range of responses and those who reply appreciate specifications and deadlines.
Anne Fawcett
Sydney Morning Herald

Thanks so much for your Media Call service; it really is an excellent tool and a much appreciated avenue for finding case studies.
Diane Clarke

Editorial Director
The Real Features Agency

Many thanks WNA for your Media Call service. I'll certainly pass the message on to other journalists.
Carmela Ferraro
Freelance Journalist

Thank you so much for your Media Call service. It is a terrific service and we always find wonderful, intelligent women for our stories.
Lucie McGeoch
Prime Time TV

I love WNA's Media Call service. It makes my job so much easier.
Lollie Barr
Freelance Journalist

Current Media Call Opportunities
A listing of our current press/media call opportunities.

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