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Wed 31 Oct 2018

Key Tips from the 2016 Australian CEO of the Year

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Why I loved coaching the 2016 Australian CEO of the Year so much.

Every now and then, you come across somebody special.  Really special.  Somebody who seems to be just that notch above.

I’m thinking about a woman leader in business I coached, who is an empowered and empowering leader.

We have been working with Maroba Aged Care for a few years now, focusing on developing their teams and leaders at all levels, starting at the top.

Viv Allanson, CEO, is a courageous and inspiring woman in business, with a belief in gender equality, equal opportunity and empowering women.  And she makes impact whatever she does.

As a CEO, her leadership skills are strong and she is involved in leadership and people development all across her Organisation.

She knows how to be successful even when things don’t always go her way and with strong communication skills, passion and love of what she does, she’s exceptional.

She is one of various CEO’s I coached in 2016 – and she was awarded the 2016 Australian CEO of the Year. She won the Award fair and square and continues to notch up awards.

Recently, I caught up with her to interview her and ask her what advice she would give to young women in business – women leaders who want to make a difference.

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Viv’s 8 other tips for women in business

  1.  Jump and grow wings on the way down. Although we want our ascent to be fantastic, it never quite happens that way. We must make a choice to learn along the way. Have a go!
  2. Growth happens through action so apply the knowledge you have gained, evaluate your experiences and do it again. We learn best from evaluated experience.
  3. Do it afraid. Fear, doubt and confusion are the enemy of our success and progress. If you are afraid to take the next step you are exactly where you are meant to be. The only way to become someone you have never been before, is to do something you have never done before…and that means doing it afraid!
  4. Lean in. Listen to the message. Listen to the right voices, the wise voices. Engage in your work and community,on’t sit back. Amplify your impact, turn up the volume of your efforts. And do it now, don’t wait for an invitation.
  5. Success is not convenient. You must make a choice, narrow your path and act.
  6. Be transparent. If you want to impress people tell them about your success, but if you want to impact them, tell them about your failures. Now that is transparency.
  7. Commit & start. It takes leadership to change our world. It takes commitment to push through the tough stuff, but all that doesn’t mean a thing unless you start. Great things never happen overnight.
  8. Believe in the people. It’s wonderful when the people believe in the leader, but even more wonderful when the leader believes in the people. If you don’t know where to start or you are off course, begin by believing in your people.

Leading in today’s world is not the easiest occupation.  In fact, for women specifically, it can be difficult, particularly when you consider the ramifications of gender inequality and all that goes with it.  But many women do a fantastic job as leaders and we need to continue, as women, to collaborate and stand together and mentor and coach younger generations of women as they come through the ranks.

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