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Working Women magazine - Summer/Autumn 2016

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Working Women ® magazine

Our highly respected publication is a much-loved read by working women across the Nation. Working Women magazine is a niche market magazine produced by Women's Network Australia. It is a professional, full colour publication distributed in both print and digital format, many of whom share it with their business colleagues, family and friends. 

Working Women is read online by thousands across the globe, offering advertisers an outstanding reach to our very targetted women in business demographic.

our reader

She’s smart, savvy, switched on and spending. Want to be on her ‘must do’ list? Advertise in our next issue.

In its 24th year of production Working Women is energetic and carries a unique mix of business and lifestyle topics. The magazine has carved its position as a market leader, keeping its readers informed and up-to-date on the latest business trends, ideas and concepts. Read by a primary and secondary readership of over 30,000 business and professional women, the magazine presents advertisers with a unique opportunity to build rapport with thousands of our loyal and committed female readers. The magazine’s secondary readership continues to grow with 45 per cent of our readers reporting that they share their magazine with an average network of five business colleagues and friends.

who she is

Our reader is dynamic, vibrant and 25+. She is calmly confident, always looking for new or interesting and exciting opportunities that stretch her both personally and professionally. She typically balances both career and family. Working Women magazine is an anticipated read that she enjoys and trusts. The magazine has a strong relationship with readers creating a powerful relationship that advertisers can tap in to. 75% of our readers come from the ever-increasing small business sector with the balance of 25% being read by those employed in executive and senior management positions.

where is she

The current readership break-down stats in Australia: 

  • Victoria 20%
  • New South Wales 20%
  • Queensland 20%
  • South Australia 15%
  • Western Australia 15%
  • Tasmania 4%
  • Australian Capital Territory 3%
  • Northern Territory 2%
  • International 1%

what she wants

Our reader is aspiring towards a lifestyle that offers greater balance both professionally and personally. Working Women is her favourite guide as each issue continues to deliver the perfect mix of information and inspiration on how she can achieve the balance she desires. Our research shows that 50% of our readers retain their magazines for one year and beyond, archiving them as a reference point for making future purchasing decisions.

what she says

For over two decades business women across the country have been enjoying each and every edition of Working Women. Check out what women have to say about our magazine and you'll soon realise why our subsciptions and readership is expanding so rapidly.

how we connect you with her

Working Women offers advertisers a quality environment in both terms of editorial content and production. It provides an outstanding opportunity for advertisers to showcase their products and services to the very lucrative female business market. Position your products and services in close proximity to the ever-growing businesswomen’s market.

Want to advertise in Working Women? 

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 To discuss your advertising needs or any other matter relating to Working Women, please contact our office on T: 1800 052 476 or send an email to magazine@womensnetwork.com.au

'Working Women' is a registered trade mark of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd.

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