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Mon 10 Dec 2018

Make this your #1 Resolution for 2019

Health & Wellbeing
In this article Anne Noonan talks about what is considered today to be one of the most important Intangible Assets in work and business and how to safeguard it for longevity.

How often have you said to yourself ‘this year I’m getting healthy, losing weight, giving up smoking, starting an exercise program etc….. ‘ only to find a few months into the new year, you’re not so ‘resolute’.   There’s nothing wrong with making these resolutions, but let’s think about them differently – as a vision for your future health and business longevity.

Have you ever thought about your #1 Intangible Asset as a key resolution for 2019?   To understand the difference – Tangible Assets are the things we can physically measure.   Your premises, iphone, laptop, your education, staff, physical property etc are all tangible assets.   Intangible Assets are those that are considered the opposite to tangible – i.e can’t be physically measured.

We consider Intangible Assets to be things like your goodwill, brand recognition, IP.   So perhaps you’ve not thought of your long term health, vitality and fitness as an Intangible Asset.

In the book ‘The 100 Year Life’, the authors talk about how we need to be planning for a long life and subsequently a long business or employment life.   The gift of a long life is fundamentally an intangible gift.   So if we’re in bad health the stress it creates can significantly reduce our productivity and creativity in the workplace or in our business.

Are Health Checks enough?

I hear you! You go see your doctor regularly and have annual checks.   Do your annual checks put a preventative strategy in place?   Does your doctor discuss your nutrition, fitness and mental health plan for the upcoming 5 years or would he send you off for the diagnostic test and in turn prescribe medication?

We have the ability to live a 100 year life.  Our challenge now is to sustain our health, to boost our productivity and community involvement while making fitness and vitality a priority.  In turn we may reduce the burden on the aged care and medical systems.

Can we now rethink our new years resolution with more long term vision?     If we want longevity in our business, we need to plan for it in our body.

A great place to start is Anne’s ‘Roll Back Your Body’s Odometer, online course’.   Simply go here for more information.   www.annenoonan.com.au/odometer-rollback-online.

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