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Chris Wildeboer

Principal, Balance Central

I am the principal of Balance Central and I listen, offer insights and help you to put the broken pieces of your personal and business life back together.

I work with people who are ready to break away from the pain and frustration that life has dealt them.

When we have a problem that we have not been able to release we find ourselves repeating lessons and patterns that no longer serve a positive purpose. When issues are identified and released it can change the way we look at things. Balance Central can help you release the issues that are holding you back.

To grow and evolve our entire system needs reassurance that it has learnt the lesson and can now move on. We provide a positive place where you will feel confident in letting things go. You will walk away feeling comfortable and relaxed. Every session is about you and what you want to have released.

When your session is completed you will have the tools within yourself to complete the healing process.

Areas of Expertise

Team Engagement
Personal Development
Professional Speaker




  • 2016 - B1G1 Overall Impact Award Nominee

Education & Qualifications

  • 2015 - Affiliate Member with Professional Speakers Association
  • 2012 - Level 10 Practitioner
Member Since:
24 February 2017
Business Category:
Training | Motivational
Phone: 0423 607 047


16 Calida St
BOONDALL Queensland 4034

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