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Claire Braund

Executive Director, Women on Boards

I am the Executive Director of Women on Boards - an independent, principled social enterprise that has been at the vanguard of moving women into board and leadership roles for the past 10 years.

We provide innovative programs and services anywhere and (almost) anytime via our web platform and personal connections to 35,000 members across 85 countries, principally in Australia and the UK.

I established Women on Boards in Australia in 2006 and in the UK in 2012 and seeing the businesses grow in their influence and impact. More than 2,000 women have achieved board roles through Women on Boards, many others have been inspired to success and we are a significant voice in public policies impacting women’s capacity to lead.

Our purpose has consistently been ‘to increase the number of women on boards and in leadership roles to achieve 40:40:20 gender balance.’

Women's Network Australia is a valuable network for women seeking to connect with others of a like-mind to learn and share experiences. It is always more powerful to have your choices validated and to be part of a chorus of voices. It’s the reason I love choirs!



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WNA Members receive 50% off 'Directors at a Distance Webinar' when they purchase a 12 month subscription to Women on Boards and register at the same time for 'Directors at a Distance Webinar'. Please note: The webinar is split into two sessions of 1.5 hours each and you will need to attend both.

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Member Since:
29 July 2011
Business Category:
Organisational Services and Products
Phone: (02) 4321 0100


PO Box 787

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