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Dyan Burgess

Creative Director, Dyan Burgess

Dyan is passionate about helping entrepreneurs select, organise and take care of their diverse, accomplished and valuable experiences into a compelling, multi-platform, independently published book.

Dyan can also develop a visual summary, for those not quite ready to publish, of your content as in interim step. This can provide your customer's with an overview of how you can provide solutions to their problems.

Areas of Expertise

In her work as Creative Director for ‘Words From Daddy’s Mouth’, she knows first-hand what it is like to pull the best bits of many and varied experiences into unique and passionate stories.

As a country girl beginning life in rural Victoria and NSW, you can probably imagine the gorgeous surrounds, quirky people and outdoor adventures that dotted the landscape of her early years. A fascination with people and their vast potential followed her through a science degree in Brisbane, Australia, extending into two decades of banking and finance, travel adventures, family creation and business development.

Beginning in the independent publishing industry can be daunting. Coming to understand the multiple facets of the publishing industry has been incredibly fascinating to Dyan. However, as a writer (and entrepreneur), these aspects can seem redundant (and boring) – and this can stop writers from achieving publication of a book. Dyan has always enjoyed collaborating to realise writer’s (and entrepreneur's) dreams.

So whether you are interested in the technical aspects of publishing, or you simply want to write a book on your expertise, she can point you in the correct direction.

Simply put – Getting it Done.



Member to Member Offer

Free review of content, manuscript in progress, precedent documents or whatever you have started work on, to provide suggestions for the next step to publishing a book or to create a visual summary, utilising what you have already written.

Education & Qualifications

  • 2000 - Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning
  • 1994 - Bachelor of Applied Science (Mathematics)


Member Since:
25 November 2016
Business Category:
Publishing Services
Phone: 0411 563 360


PO Box 1969

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