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Dyean Moodley

Founder, DEVTHA Consulting

I am a growth strategist focused on driving innovation and digital transformation to accounting firms and SMEs. Some have referred to me as a cloud evangelist.

Growing up during the days of apartheid in South Africa instilled in me a constant search for organisational improvement, empowerment of others and looking for new and better ways of working. My passion is transformation, empowering teams, making a difference for benefit and consequence.

I founded DEVTHA Consulting 7 years ago when as a small business owner, I realised that SMEs lacked the capacity and capability to transform their work practices and business models into the digital age.

DEVTHA is a network of consultants that specialises in catalysing and implementing organisational change around new ways of working to reduce costs and increase revenue.
We provide consultancy services and capabilities on a contractual basis to SME businesses looking to upgrade their processes and procedures around , finance, information, communication and technology systems.

We also have the capability to provide consultancy on innovative tech solutions, project management and agile ways of working.

Our typical clients may be using legacy desktop systems and want to embrace the digital age but don't know where to begin. We provide step by step guidance and partnering on transformation. Our innovation capability assists in creation of new revenue streams through products in order to fuel their growth.

Areas of Expertise

* digital transformation
* digital strategy
* change management
* system implementation
* cost reduction
* project management



Education & Qualifications

  • 2001 - CA


Member Since:
6 November 2017
Business Category:
Phone: 0414 716 406

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