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Joanne Ammerlaan

National Manager

VLLC teaches 12 languages using visualization and association - students are encouraged to 'think' in their new language from day one. Courses are delivered via completion of online lessons, one to one tutorials and homework tasks. Flexible delivery - online or in house at one of the centres in Melbourne or Adelaide. Focus is on competency (esp speaking and listening) and students can become socially proficient in their new language in as little as 9 months. Our motto is " Learn a language with your eyes closed" - "Open your eyes to your new future".

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication.
  • Culture.
  • Master Practitioner NLP.

Member to Member Offer

Call me for an individual language consultation where we can discuss language options for you. Half price registration fee for any Women's Network Australia Members on all courses.

Joanne Ammerlaan

Joanne Ammerlaan
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    27 August 2019
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    538 Swanston Street
    VIC 3053
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