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Wed 27 Jun 2018

Mindfulness – embrace this moment for your skin

Health & Wellbeing
The effect of a busy, stressed life, takes its toll over time on the health and age of your skin. Taking time to breath is a simple way to help look younger and be healthier!

Mindfulness – embracing this moment

Right now – as you are reading these words – take a deep, slow, purposeful breath in.  Fill your lungs right up and hold that breath in for a few moments.  Now slowly, and I mean really slowly, exhale.  Let your shoulders sag as you empty your lungs.  Let’s do that again…remembering to take it slow. Close your eyes if you like.  Repeat this two more times.

Feel a change…?  That’s because scientifically or biologically speaking, the physical changes which occur in our body when we take just three deep breaths and let them out slowly, is amazingly significant.  Our switched on sympathetic nervous system, which is keeping us hyped-up and functioning has been switched off, allowing our ‘rest and relax’ parasympathetic nervous system to take over.

By drawing our attention on our breath, we begin to notice our thought process and we gradually begin to let go of unhelpful and ruminating thoughts. In doing this over time, we come to realise that our thoughts, whether they are positive, or negative are transient.

And the best part is, you can practice mindfulness almost anywhere.  You don’t need to be in a candle lit room surrounded by velvet cushions (although doesn’t that sound nice!) You can be at your computer, going for a walk or even in the shower.  It can be done in as little as 5 minutes and requires no equipment.  Simply take deep slow breaths in, and a long, slow breaths out, focusing on each inhale and exhale.

Besides feeling relaxed and more centred, the changes in our nervous system influences how our gut works, the enzymes which are made and how your hormones function, meaning that your whole body is affected and OMG – you feel so much better!  Your skin benefits as a by-product of improved gut health and normal function, so no surprise – you look and feel younger!!

So why not set a recurring alarm on your mobile or your computer to take 5-10 minutes out of your day to ‘breath’.  And while you at it, have a little stretch too.  Your mind, body and Skin will thank you for it.


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