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Network Event - LUNCHEON

Location: PERTH | WA
Venue: The Stellar Lounge - Subiaco Hotel, 465 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth
Date: Wednesday, 29 March, 2017
Time: 11:30AM - 2:00PM
RSVP Date: Tuesday, 28 March, 2017

The Power of Persistence - When The Going Gets Tough Women Get Innovative

Aimee Engelmann - Award Winning Entrepreneur and Founder of Beepo Pty Ltd

Aimee Engelman, Beepo Pty LtdTake it from a woman who has had her back against the wall, if you want your small business to survive 2017 it's vital that you look outside the square for ideas that will help your business to stay afloat.

If you are an entrepreneur or run your own small business, sending repetitive and tedious tasks offshore is one idea that has the potential to save you thousands of dollars, not to mention your precious time.

Think about all those tasks that burden you or current staff, if you are lucky enough to have some. They're the tasks that stop your small business from achieving real prosperity.

Brisbane based, Aimee Engelmann saved her struggling business and turned it around by hiring offshore tertiary-educated professionals from a low-cost labour market. It proved a game-changer for her marketing business.

Over lunch, Aimee will share the challenges her business was facing, and she'll cover what action she took and how you can easily follow her lead.

The fact is that employment, staffing and what small business owners need to do to survive is rapidly changing.  Businesses both large and small are transitioning to offshore staff in order to improve margins and future-proof their operations.

No business is too small to use offshore staff. When starting a new business, many women will remain in full-time employment and use offshore staff to run the back office process of their new enterprise. This concept offers women the security of a wage whilst building their small business to a point where it can support them them finanically - it's smart thinking really.

According to IBISWorld a whopping 25% of all outsourcing revenue generated in Australia now comes from small and medium businesses.

Join us for lunch and discover how you could double productivity output whilst cutting the costs of running your business.

About Aimee Engelmann:

Aimee is the Founder and CEO of Beepo Pty Ltd Beepo is one of the fastest growing companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Aimee belongs to the new wave of women entrepreneurs ushering in an age of innovation for Australia. Rather than resisting the changes taking place in the global labour market, Aimee saw great opportunity for Australian business and set about seizing the initiative. With her dynamic leadership and progressive approach to technology and business improvement in just two short years Aimee has built Beepo into a multi-million dollar company with 250+ employees. 

Aimee’s intimate understanding of changing global labour markets offers business leaders genuine insight into the emerging market paradigm. Her business success has been recognised by Business News Australia, who named her as a 2015 Young Entrepreneur Trailblazer of the year. She was also recognised in 2014 with the Entrepreneur Organisation’s ‘Boldly Go’ Award. She has also recently partnered with the University of Queensland to deliver a Global Resourcing intensive. 

Featured regularly in media across Australasia for both her success and astute business expertise, Aimee is a proud mother, and an active community member. She works hard to balance her life as CEO, with raising two boys aged 4 and 1, and mentoring female rising stars in the marketing industry.

Here's a little of what you will learn from Aimee:

  • Mistakes businesses make when hiring offshore staff and how to avoid doing the same.
  • How to find the best offshore talent for your business.
  • What tasks and back office processes are easily delegated.
  • The diversity of professions and skills available in the offshore industry.
  • How to manage cross-cultural teams. 

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On Arrival: Pre-luncheon drink followed by cash bar.

Main: Free range chicken breast, yellow adobo curry and quinoa.

Alternative Main (Vegetarian): Orecchiette arrabiata, olives, basil, mascarpone and shaved percorino.

Dessert: Salted Carmel Tiramisu.

Note: Dessert will be served with freshly made tea or coffee.

Special Diets:

Special dietary requirements are to be indicated in the comments section of your booking form. Due to venue policy we are required to give 5 working days notice prior to this event for special diets that are to be served on the day. Sorry, but any special diet bookings received after this time cannot be guaranteed. To discuss further contact us on T: 1800 052 476.


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