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Venue: Video Conference - On Your PC or Mobile Device
Date: Tuesday, 13 February, 2018
Time: 11:55AM - 1:00PM (AEST)
RSVP Date: Tuesday, 13 February, 2018

Network Marketing - Dispelling The Assumptions

Barry Nicolaou - Business Owner | Author | Expert

Barry NicolaouOne of the biggest trends shaping the business landscape today is the emerging power of retirees, the millennial generation and the direct selling market. Financially free individuals all over the world point to multiple income streams as the source of their wealth.

The lowest cost entry with the most potential for cash-flow earning is the network marketing industry.

The beauty of the industry is it also allows your primary job to continue while you build your side hustle. 

In this online session Barry will talk about how in the last 12 months he has been approached by six International network marketers; six more than the previous year. Industries vary from travel opportunities to nutrition, from skin-care to health-technology. Typical of his assumptions, he thought network marketing was all about Pyramid selling… and said “no thanks, not for me”. Then he started to research and something amazing happens when you begin to challenge your convictions, you uncover the truth not many people have bothered to find out for themselves. 

To Barry’s astonishment he discovered that MLM’s (Multi-Level Marketing Businesses) are not only legitimate businesses, but also made more millionaires due to the power of leveraging people who also like you, want success for themselves.

We invite you to book and tune into this discussion to dispel the assumptions and find clarity on network marketing businesses. 

About Barry Nicolaou:

Barry joined a networking marketing business after discovering the business model is the core financial pillar of countless successful people who earned more and worked less. He believes network marketing is the ONLY industry where individual people can have an extraordinary income with an outlay about as much as people spend on their car insurance or less. "We Insure our cars, why not Insure our future?" 

Barry believes when you believe in yourself and pursue a vision for others financial success, you become successful in the process. The question to ask yourself is always; how much would you earn if you stopped going to work? Our industry changes that - once you build your teams to success - you continue to earn. 

Barry is the #1 Best Selling Author on personal change, and has his own license agency agreement with Australia's top footwear brands.  Barry is a lead Australian distributor for World Global Network (WGN); a publicly listed U.S wearable health technology company focusing on life-sensing technology with their flagship The H.E.L.O health wearable. (Now the 4th largest selling wearable in the World in 12 months).

In this session you will learn:

  • The ability to understand the fundamentals of how a network marketing business works, builds wealth and offers more free time.
  • Who you should be looking for to join your business.
  • What to look for when picking the right company that fits in with you.
  • Why discovering your 'WHY' is crucial for success.

How it works:

Our online events are designed to replicate the format our of live events. Unlike a typical webinar format our online sessions are interactive. They provide you with the opportunity to network by introducing yourself and your business and you'll be able to take part in the discussion and ask the expert panellist - Barry Nicolaou questions. Due to the interactive format and for privacy reasons the sessions are NOT recorded. 

The online sessions are hosted using Zoom and in the days before the session you will receive an email with a link that you simply click on to participate. To maximise the networking value in the session you will need to have a strong internet connection. 

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