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Thu 18 Jan 2018

No Wonder You’re Called Wonder Woman!

Health & Wellbeing
Weary business woman. sleeping on the table

You cook, you clean, you fetch and carry the kids, you wash the laundry, do all the washing, rush out to buy groceries so the family has a good meal, dash to the vet to take the sick cat for an injection, help the children with homework, slave over the stove (often nobody is hungry anyway) and then crawl into bed, exhausted.

The problem is when we wake up just as exhausted as when we went to bed!

Don’t get me wrong.  Many men do it too, but the fact remains that women carry a very heavy load in their family life, communities and working environment!

According to a recent study completed by Unilever

‘Women do 90% of the world’s work but receive only 10% of the pay.’

The Problem

  • Many of us are over-burdened and exhausted. We’re mothers, daughters, friends, neighbours and colleagues.  We tend to put ourselves last all the time, making sure that others around us are looked after first. Some argue this is the role of a woman.  I argue that this needs to be re-thought, because we need to put ourselves first, not last.
  • At a recent Conference at which I spoke, I asked the 600 female-strong participants to stand up if they feel constantly exhausted (I was talking about work-life balance.)  Approximately 80% of the audience stood up.

I asked the question why they are so tired? The majority said they have too little time and far too much to do. Hence, the exhaustion and always feeling they are ‘chasing their tail.’

The Solution

Have a look at your life?

Do you have a life balance according to which you live?  Do you factor you as the most important person in your life (you should) because if you don’t, will others do so for you?

At Home: Get more help from family members or if they are not willing, hire in the help. You cannot do it all.

At Work: Delegate to others and learn to say no.  Too often we take on more than we can cope with, and that places us under increased stress and pressure

Your health:  Make your health your most critical priority.  Without your health, you have nothing.

Take a back step.  Think about how you are living. Celebrate all the good things you do and make sure that whilst you are a Wonder Woman, you are a live and healthy one.

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