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Wed 30 Jan 2019

Ouch! Why do I have pain and stiffness in my joints?

Health & Wellbeing
Could this be the dreaded Arthritis?

We never wish to go there…but sometimes painful arthritis just comes upon us suddenly and many people may experience in their lifetime.

What are the causes and why does the body create inflammation as a protective mechanism to remove damaged cells, irritants and infection from an area before the healing process can take place?

What astounded me when I did my research was that there are over 100 different forms of Arthritis and the most common form is Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease where our joints are breaking down faster than the body can repair.  Osteoarthritis is often the result of:

  • Injury – accident or repetitive use
  • Infection in the joint
  • Aging

Arthritis as I understand commonly starts with joint pain and stiffness.  The pain usually occurs due to:

  • Inflammation around the joint
  • Damage to the joint from disease (eg., rheumatoid)
  • Daily wear and tear of the joint
  • Muscle strains from forceful movements against stiff and painful joints
  • Tiredness

Research shows that the body can heal itself via the migration of Adult Stem Cells from the bone marrow.  Adult Stem Cells can become virtually any type of cell in the body.

When cells are damaged, they release a compound which calls the Adult Stem Cells to the area in need via our blood circulation.  The Adult Stem Cell then morphs into the tissue and becomes a bone cell, a cartilage cell, synovial fluid cell, whatever cell is needed, thus facilitating the renewal and healing to take place.

Amazing facts:

Did you know that one Adult Stem Cell can duplicate itself 1500 times?

Another fact I didn’t know was that if our body didn’t use a released Adult Stem Cell, this cell doesn’t die like a normal cell, this cell is so intelligent it will return to the bone marrow and be re-absorbed and wait until another signal is received for the release of Adult Stem Cells!

Please know that I do not make any health claims, diagnose, cure, alleviate or prevent any disease.  All I will say, Adult Stem Cells can be an amazing health benefit for any health condition.

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