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Tue 12 Jan 2016

Plan Ahead – Bring Purpose and Direction To 2016

Business Planning & Strategies

Another new year! Another new beginning!

We all love the idea of a fresh start, a chance to re-evaluate our lives, and the opportunity to draw a psychological line in the sand and leave behind the baggage and mistakes of the past year. So, draw a line in the sand, step over it, and spend a little time reflecting on what worked and what didn’t in 2015, and visualise how you want 2016 to look…..then go ahead and create it!

Because, really, building our life is not dissimilar to building a house, or co-ordinating an outfit; unless we have a picture of what we are trying to accomplish, how can we put the pieces together to get the result we envisage? And like a cake recipe, if you don’t follow a plan, the outcome is less likely to be the result you were hoping for.

One of the best ways to do this is to draw a nine-square grid, with these headings: You (in the middle square), relationship, children, family & friends, household, hobbies, finance, business/career, contribution to others. This encompasses all areas of your life, and you can then list – perhaps in a pretty journal – how you’d like to develop each of these areas of your life this year, how you’d like each of them to look and feel, and the results you intend to see by the year’s end. It is fun and empowering, and doesn’t need to be done all at once; make it an ongoing exercise, and let this journal become your ‘instruction guide’ to creating the life you want! And yes, it does work!

Vision boards are great for this too… and work well for kids as well, and also for family projects. Just use catalogues and old magazines, and cut out the pictures that appeal to you, whether they are physical ‘items’, people who appear to have certain qualities – like carefree, happy, laughter, healthy – projects or travel plans.

So while you are spending some ‘down time’ with your family over January (hopefully), at home, at the beach, out camping or whatever your life brings, take some time to ponder these points; jot down the basics, and be ready to hit the ground running when ‘normality’ resumes in February, with a clear picture of where you are heading for 2016!

Happy New Year!

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