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Tue 29 May 2018

Restorative Movement For The 40+ Body

Health & Wellbeing
Have you noticed weird body aches, niggly knees, sore joints or a stiff back? Have you decided that your mobility is not the same as it was years ago? Anne Noonan explores the restorative side of movement for a flexible ageing body.

Have you been living with sore or stiff joints?   Are you noticing strange aches?   Do get them investigated by a health professional in case they’re a sign of something going wrong in your body or inflammation that needs specific treatment.

It’s also possible however that Restorative Movement could be the answer to a lot of our aches and pains.   We can’t always blame age for these niggly nuisances.

Modern society doesn’t move like our ancestors once did.    We don’t forage for food, run from predators,  climb trees or use our muscles in the many different ways that we once did.    We’re predominantly a sedentary society with a few of us having a burst of movement a few times a week at the gym or in the morning for a run before we hit the office.

Restricted movement, or movement that doesn’t correctly use all of our muscles can create misalignment in the spine, hips and knees which, if not corrected causes pain.

What is Restorative Movement?

RM is a mix of yoga based movement that brings fascial stretch, mindfulness and breath into one session.   Deeply relaxing Restorative Yoga uses blocks, straps and bolster cushions to manipulate the body into relaxed shapes we wouldn’t normally achieve alone.   Sounds like torture, but an expert Restorative Yoga class is bliss for the body.

Restorative Movement combines therapeutic stretch, gentle yoga, balance poses, strength and toning movement.    It can release tight spines, strengthen knees, realign and improve posture, restore balance and clear foggy heads.    It’s designed to restore your movement and strength in your fascia and musculature to restore mobility.

But isn’t it just age?

Have you noticed in many elderly that movement is somewhat or totally restricted?   Could it be that the older we get, the less we move the stiffer we become?   Or is it that we become stiff because we believe the older we get the less we should move?  When you continually embrace fascial stretch, yogic exercise and strength building, many typical conditions of ageing can be greatly improved.

Contact Anne Noonan for more information about her Restorative Movement Classes.

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