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Wed 16 May 2018

Restorative Practices Could Save your Sanity!!!

Health & Wellbeing
One of most common health issues facing women today is Depression and/or Anxiety.  ANNE NOONAN explores the holistic way to deal with this condition before you take the pharmaceutical route.


How prolific is it? 

The World Health Organisation says, globally more than 300 million people of all ages suffer Depression.  It’s a condition that can directly affect your business and productivity.

Pressure of deadlines, achievement, financial stress, family history and to a smaller degree, genetics, play a huge role with this condition leading to more serious issues like Autoimmune disease.  Many businesswomen will be trying to hold a family together, build a business and appear ‘in control’ to the team while quietly suffering.

How do we deal with it?

Doctors may suggest anti-depressants to ‘control and treat’. Naturally if you are suffering from Anxiety or Depression and are concerned about the risk of disease or severity of the condition, go and see your GP and get the care you need.  Medication will make a difference, but there is another way worth investigating.

The Power of Restorative Practices. 
Being mindfully restorative with the way you eat, drink, think, move, breath and sleep can improve the symptoms of Depression.

  1. Choose wholefoods while reducing or eliminating inflammatory foods like sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy. 
  2.  Movement is crucial. A sedentary lifestyle  or even overdoing the exercise  creates inflammation that is as big a killer as heart disease.  Choose the kind of movement that will suit your personality, health condition, age and schedule. There’s not a condition listed in any study that exercise won’t benefit. 
  3. Your breath is everything.  The number one non medical way to bring your nervous system down from the red zone to the green, is through breath. Deep belly breathing brings a sense of calm and relaxation. Combine with meditation can be life changing. 
  4. What you think and believe about ageing, your self worth and self esteem, will contribute to the symptoms of Anxiety and Hypertension.
  5. Sleep is crucial.  Going to bed at a regular hour, turning off the TV and electronics and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep is vital.

Adopting restorative practices takes time and patience.   The holistic way is a little slower than the pharmaceutical way, but in the end could be totally worthwhile.


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