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Fri 2 Aug 2019

Sales Mastery – A different way to approach sales Part 1

Customer Service & Relations
Sales - It’s a word that either fills us with energy and excitement; or fill us with fear and dread...


It’s a word that either fills us with energy and excitement; or fill us with fear and dread. It’s one of those things that we either live for or dread having to do.

The fact of the matter is that in order to be successful in business, we need people to buy our product or service, right?  We need to be able to sell and that requires us to have a healthy relationship with sales.

How we view anything in life and in business comes down to how we see the world.  We are faced with millions of pieces of information at any given moment and we unconsciously process it all based on our own unique filters.  One such filter is our belief system.

Our beliefs are what we know to be true and they guide our behavior on an unconscious level because despite what our conscious, rational mind might think; if we have a belief that does not support it; we will not do it.

Let me explain what I mean:

Mary is a mortgage broker and has recently opened her own business.  She knows she needs to “sell” her services for her business to succeed and has set about writing a business and marketing plan laying out what she needs to do.

 Mary’s neighbor as a kid was a used car salesman.  She remembers listening to him chatting to her dad over the fence about his wheeling and dealing; scheming and conniving and from that experience, Mary has the unconscious belief that to be any good at sales means you need to be manipulative and dishonest; things that go completely against her values.

 For this reason, despite her detailed and well thought out business plan, her unconscious mind will do all it can to STOP her from making sales because that will make her a dishonest person.

Do you see the problem?

What happens as time goes by is that Mary becomes more and more desperate for sales and before long, everyone she meets she is trying to work out how she can gear a conversation towards them refinancing their mortgage; and each time she does that, she feels even more dishonest and even more deceitful.  She begins to doubt her worth and decides that maybe she is just not cut out for running her own business.

Now this is an extreme example; but it illustrates the complex web we can weave inside that has the ability to cripple our business.  What stands successful people apart however is learning to overcome and rise above; learning to view sales from a different perspective.

What if salespeople weren’t deceitful; or pushy?  What if sales weren’t scary; or hard or whatever else we have made it mean based on our beliefs?

What if sales were easy?  What if sales were fun?  What if selling was a service we provide to our clients?

What would be different then?

How would that affect your business?  Your state of mind?  Your results?

Take some time now and have a think – what are some of the unconscious beliefs about sales that could be harming your business?

What could you choose to believe instead?

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