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Wed 19 Sep 2018

Spring Clean Your Social Platforms

Digital Technology
Emerge from the winter blues with a freshen up of your social platforms

Spring is in the air, time for a bit of spring cleaning of your online presence.

Here are 5 things you can do to freshen up your social media platforms.



Check your Contact Details

It’s a small thing but often overlooked. Are all your details still correct?
Think about your contact details, contact details for key staff, opening hours, location (have you moved?).

Your Social Bio & Story

Re-write your bio and story. This gives it a freshen up and is great if you have added new products or services. Consider the keywords and key phrases people use to find your business and work these into your bio content.

Your Profile Pic

Consider changing your profile pic, ideas for your profile pic include your logo, a pic of your storefront, a little happy snap of your team, or your key product or service.

Your Cover Image

Don’t leave the same one up all year, give your visitors something new to look at and engage with. Here are a few ideas for your cover image: A happy snap of your team, an image of a key product or service being used or demonstrated, an inspirational quote that you change weekly, a mood board or lookbook image of your products, a lifestyle image of your products in use, a graphic showcasing a current promotion or competition. With Christmas also on the way, consider some fun Christmas images in the lead up to Christmas or a Christmas countdown image showcasing your products for Christmas. If you are a service business consider how people may need to “get things done” before Christmas and promote these.


Get posting!
Images and/or content.

Keep your social platforms updated with regular content by using a scheduling tool. Or if you feel that you are a bit behind, get some help with this. Have a staff member help you or consider outsourcing this area of your marketing. It is really important to keep adding new content to your social platforms on a regular basis to keep your social visitors returning and engaged with your business.

So get out your virtual mop & broom and dust off your social platforms. Plan to make a tidy-up a regular occurrence and ensure you keep posting regularly.

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