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Mon 26 Nov 2018

Stem Cell Nutrition

Health & Wellbeing
Adult Stem Cells are the best anti-aging and repair system ever known.

Having more of them in your blood stream will have profound effects on your health and well-being, providing an untapped resource for repair, renewal and regeneration.

The scientific and medical discovery that bone marrow Adult Stem Cells are more than red and white blood cells was discovered in 2003 by a team of Scientists who won the Chemistry Nobel Prize, by using a florescent green protein derived from a deep sea jelly fish;  when inserted into the DNA of the Adult Stem Cell, became the marker to prove that these cells have the ability to become any type of tissue, muscle, bone, cartilage, heart etc, paving the way to a new paradigm in health.

Why are Adult Stem Cells are so important?   The time-frame for our Organ/Tissue complete renewal to maintain absolute health are approximately:

Intestinal Lining is completely renewed every 4-5 days.

Liver and Pancreas organs, completely renewed every 35 years. 

Your Lung is renewed every 4-5 years.

Your Heart is completely renewed every 20-25 years.

Very simply – a living heart cell has a finite lifetime and when this cell dies, only an Adult Stem Cell can replace this cell, via migrating from the bone marrow via the bloodstream to the injured area, then morphing to become a heart cell.

Scientific anti-aging research has shown that our natural Adult Stem Cell release from our bone marrow DECLINES as we age.

When we are 35 years old, our natural stem cell release drops by 45%. 

When we are 50 years of age, drops by 50%

When we reach 65 years of age, our natural release has dropped to 90%, thus leaving only a 10% daily release happening.  We still heal and repair however very slowly.

Good healthy nutrition, vitamins and minerals support our body’s living cells and Adult Stem Cell nutrition supports and nourishes the release of our Adult Stem Cells.

Start a new life at any age and remember you are never too old to fall in love with life!

Please contact me if you have any questions and note that this information is for educational purposes only, I do not make any health claims and do not diagnose, or claim to cure, alleviate or mitigate or prevent any disease.

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