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Thu 2 Jul 2020

Stop Taking and Start Giving!

Advertising & Marketing
On the other side of the Coronavirus, your customers will remember how you responded.

Did you flood their inboxes with pushy emails, or did you offer free trials and subscriptions for the time being? Did you express negative views, or did you innovate to be there for your community? You have to manage your business kindly when people are scared. You have to be purposeful, accommodating, useful.

It’s a now-common complaint: people are getting emails from businesses they haven’t heard from in years, offering them products they simply don’t need right now. Maybe it’s an email from the place they got an eye exam three years ago, or even a retailer they frequently use who’s now bombarding them.

These “takers” stand out like a sore thumb. Their transparent efforts to make a name for themselves during this crisis will likely cost them loyal customers in the long run. On the other hand, businesses that are “givers,” that make an effort to show up for their communities, will be remembered long after this pandemic is over.

Let’s offer some examples.

Rather than ending your marketing campaign, readjust. Now is not the time to promote flashy, new, expensive products. Furthermore, it’s not time to price-gouge!

Instead, change your message and your price to match the current economic climate. Many companies are offering free trials or subscriptions, offering extended payment deadlines, or even adding supplies (like toilet paper) in with their orders.

You can also use this time to market safe practices. If people see you as being cautious, careful, and calculated, you’ll become more trustworthy.

For example, if you own a brick-and-mortar business that’s still running, you can add tape lines on the ground that reinforce the safe distance rule. Or, you can offer a no-contact takeout service where people stay in their cars, their food gets dropped on a designated table outside, and they receive a text message to get their order when it’s ready. You can also reinforce no loitering.

If you abide by rules and guidelines outlined by the Australian and or State Government’s Department of Health, your clientele will, too.

Contact us for an affordable, strategy-led marketing consultation. We’re fully aware of the trying times, and we want to help you through the current climate in a manner that you can be remembered for.

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