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Mon 11 Sep 2017

TALK – Mindset – Good Vibrations!

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Whilst the obvious aspect of ‘Talk’ in our business refers to our ‘external talk’, our marketing, to the messages we convey to our target audience about the goods or services we offer.

However, there is another aspect of ‘Talk’ which is equally as important, perhaps more so, and that is the ‘internal talk’, our mindset, our attitude. This is integral to the success, or otherwise, of our business because how we feel determines the subliminal ‘vibrations’ which we emit, and which people subconsciously notice. It is this vibration which determine whether we seem appealing and attractive to others, whether our staff, our colleagues, or our clients and customers.

When we have a positive mindset, regardless of what our outside results may currently be reflecting back to us, people are drawn to this, and want to be around it, to visit our store or to consult us for our professional expertise. This is the essence of good self-esteem, optimism, and uplifting presence. This is what exudes confidence, good leadership, staff morale, or a sense of well-being to those around us, and without realising it, people are drawn to this, flowing on to higher sales or repeat business from our customers. There is something about this ‘good vibration’ mindset which encourages people to come back to us, because it helps them to feel valued, supported or secure, and this is what people are seeking, what they will happily pay for, because they want someone to provide the solution to their pain or problem.

Conversely, if your mindset is negative, even if you paste a smile on your face, you exude a sense of doom and gloom, and people, without knowing why, are less inclined to seek your company or feel comfortable or confident in your ability.

Now, of course it is not easy to genuinely feel positive and uplifted when you are not, however, there are ways to address this. This is the time to seek support and take control of the situation, no matter what situation you may find yourself in. There is no way a situation we label as ‘bad’ can be improved if our attitude is one of misery, because our vibration will always attract similar situations and outcomes.

One of the simplest ways to raise our vibration, is to stop focusing on our perceived problem or pain, and look for things for which to be grateful. With regard to the problem, seek guidance from an appropriate person, put the necessary steps in place, then shift your energy to something else, something which gives you joy; walking in nature, playing with your children or your pet, soaking in a bath, listening to music, reading a book…. Just do something to feel good, and then when you are ready to return to the problem you will see it with fresh eyes, and not from quite such a low vibration, hence you are much more likely to reach a better outcome, or have some new ideas for solving it….

As they say in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, you have to select your thoughts the same way which you select your clothes every day……

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