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Mon 28 Mar 2016

The 4th Secret To Success & Inner Peace: Embrace Silence…

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As we continue to work our way through Dr Wayne Dyer’s ’10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace’, this month we are looking at Secret #4: Embracing Silence.

Our world is busy and demanding, and our minds are constantly cluttered, overwhelmed and overloaded. We are rarely in a space where we can’t hear phones ringing, traffic passing, peoples’ voices, television or radio; where our senses aren’t bombarded with visual and auditory ‘noise’ – billboards, computers, social media, marketing propaganda…… the cumulative ‘busy-ness’ of our twenty-first century lives.

However, this sensory overload takes its toll. We are seeing increasing levels of stress and mental illness, largely caused by living lives that are out of balance. Doctors are becoming increasingly reluctant to continue the cycle of prescribing medication to address symptoms that – in many cases – can be managed by recognising whether we are introverts or extroverts, and rebalancing our lives accordingly; or to recognise our priorities and values, and redesign our schedules to live congruently with these; or to work with advisers to devise and implement strategies to manage the ‘running-on-a-treadmill’ feeling, hence minimising that insidious ‘out-of-control’ feeling.

So what can we, as busy women, often juggling our professional lives with our family lives, do to optimise our well-being and sense of empowerment?

Embrace the silence. Find a space where you can switch off.

While it may not be possible to have a place where you can’t hear the sounds of modern-day life, at least honour yourself enough to switch off your technology for a few minutes here and there in your day, to not be ‘on call’ to your colleagues, kids, phone and computer for a few moments, and to train your mind and your senses to relax.

Meditation is great for this, but walking, exercising, or just spending time in nature or a nice park will be beneficial. Anywhere that gives you the sense of relaxing your muscles and easing that ‘weight on your shoulders’ feeling, and lets you have a few moments to reflect on the blessings in your life and noticing the feeling of gratitude within you….

It has long been recognised that the more we feel gratitude for that which we have, the more reasons we find to be grateful… so why not give it a try?t certainly can’t hurt!

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