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Tue 29 Nov 2016

The Game of Inches

Business By Social

As Owner Success Dynamics Group, I have the privilege of associating with some amazing business minds and speakers.

Recently, I arranged Nigel Collin, Speaker, Facilitator, Author The Game of Inches to be our guest speaker at a business meeting. At the event Nigel showed micro businesses how to focus on an achievable process for everyday innovation based on research from over 80 top entrepreneurs, business leaders and owners.

According to Nigel “What if disruption doesn’t have to happen with a big breakout idea but can unfold by making small, consistent changes?”

Nigel’s tips:
1. Understand the value of ‘the game of inches’ in business growth and success;
2. Work through four key actions successful organisations take; and
3. Be given an achievable process for everyday small-scale innovation.

Nigel is a hugely knowledgeable yet very approachable business mind. He created his first business at the age of twenty and sold it at twenty-one. He then went on to build Absurd Entertainment, one of Australia largest entertainment design companies. He worked extensively on the 2000 Olympic Games, was entertainment advisor at the 2000 Paralympic Games, and holds the accolade of being show director for Australia’s largest ever corporate event in 2005. Having passed the baton by selling the Absurd in 2004, he moved into the world of consulting, advising his clients on implementing ideas and everyday innovation.

In 2013, armed with a video camera, Nigel set off on an initiative to travel throughout Australia, solo on his motorbike, to discover ingenious Australians and share their stories. His quest was to inspire the ideas of a nation and led to the founding of ‘Ingenious Oz Project’. In 2014, as an ambassador of Start-up Australia, he interviewed over 50 of Australia’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders. He is now founder and maestro of ‘Game of Inches’.

He has advised C-Suite executives, Ministers of Parliament and entrepreneurs in both public and private sectors. As an international speaker, he has presented his experience and expertise to organisations in myriad industries including IT, Franchise, Events, Marketing, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Telecommunications.

He is an alumni of the Disney Institute, a Ted-Xer, and author of three books. As a speaker he is in demand both in Australia and overseas.

Having now spent over 20 years in business events (both on and off the stage) Nigel understands the importance of not just being an engaging speaker, but delivering practical and lasting business benefits. 

Your speaking is a business and you need to be consistently learning. This comes with associating with those more successful than you, such as Nigel Collin. 

Here’s to your speaking success. See you on the stages….and in the bookstores and online!

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