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Fri 31 May 2019

The Mind and Money

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It’s time to get crystal clear on our goals around money.

Bob Proctor has been Karen Brook’s mentor for 4 years and very early on he taught her to never lower her standard of living to meet her current income. He said it was imperative that if she was ever going to change her life, she was required to raise her income to meet her standard of living, not the other way around.

So what does your dream life look like? What kind of things do you want to be able to experience in your lifetime? 

Karen has discussed this topic with thousands of people and contrary to popular belief, most don’t desire to live the life of the rich and famous. What they want is to have more than enough money to buy and experience the things they desire, they want to own their own home without a mortgage hanging over their heads and they want more free time to live their dream life. So in short, they want true and complete financial freedom. While how much that freedom will cost varies from person to person, the process to get it does not. 

Three questions to get you thinking about money 

  • How much have you been earning over the last five years – has it been increasing or decreasing?

What are you accustomed to earning? We have mental programs called paradigms that control everything in our life including how much we earn, our relationships, our habits, and ultimately our results. We are programmed to earn our current income and unless we change our paradigm it doesn’t matter how hard we work for more money; it will simply never eventuate. Take a moment to think about how much money you were earning 5 years ago. Has your income increased or decreased and if so by what percentage? Some may say an increase of 5% each year is good and they’d be right. You know what’s even better than 5% though? 500%. Now that is a quantum leap.  

  • How much is it going to cost to live how you want to live?

Here comes the fun part! How much will your dream life cost? Start researching all the things you want to do, have and see. How much will that dream house, bucket list adventure or regular family holidays cost? Put a price on everything and don’t stop until you have your desired reality reflected in numbers in front of you. Bob Proctor is the global leader on this topic and he taught Karen that most people want more than they need and subsequently they settle for a lot less than they could have. It is absolutely ok to want more than you really need and to believe, even if just for a second at the beginning, that you are going to achieve it.  

  • What is the yearly income you desire to have?

Less than 3% of the population have ever sat down and thought about this question in depth. Instead most people look at how much they currently earn and then go about building a life around that. By taking action here and now you can be in that 3% who not only give conscious thought to their future, but who do it with complete disregard for logic and without rational thinking. It is not rational to believe you can triple your income in 12 months, but that’s what you’re going to imagine anyway. The results that you seek are created through your subconscious mind that is purely deductive. Whatever you impress upon it and become emotionally involved with, it will create. So you better make it exactly what you want, because that is exactly what you will get.  

Once you have established what your yearly income needs to be in order to live the life you’ve imagined, you’ll need to create a paradigm shift within your own self-image and perhaps that of your business too. It requires immense personal growth and an understanding of how to change paradigms, in order to close the gap between what you KNOW and what you DO.  

Living life without a clearly defined goal is like playing golf blindfolded – you have absolutely no idea what you are aiming for! So clearly define exactly what it is that you want and then move into action to create it.  

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