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Mon 30 May 2016

The Sixth Secret to Success and Inner Peace: You Can’t Solve a Problem with the Same Mind that Created it! (from the work of Dr Wayne Dyer)

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What results are you seeing in your life at present? In your relationships, health, prosperity, career, and sense of empowerment and well-being…..

Which aspects of your life are not showing the results that you were hoping for by now? Are there people or forces that you are blaming or holding responsible for your current outcomes? Do you feel like a victim of circumstance, disempowered by the actions or decisions of others, or the course of events? Then when would be a good time to STOP? When would be a good time to take back control of your own destiny? When would be a good time to take ownership of how you may have contributed to your present state of affairs, and, better still, take steps to get different results?

How about NOW?!

You see, often when things aren’t turning out the way we’d imagined, and our ‘ideal’ life seems to have fallen in a heap or gone by the wayside, we genuinely don’t realise that we have been a key factor in the manifestation of these results, and in attracting or creating the events leading up to the current situation, and therefore we can CHANGE this! So let’s get started!

While it is tempting, and easy, to simply blame other people, or circumstances, for wherever we find ourselves, it is very disempowering and we fall into the trap of being a victim. This does not feel good, and will not lead to different results.

Conversely, we can reflect on why things have transpired as they have, thus far, and decide to incite our personal accountability and consider what we can do to start tracking towards a more desired outcome.

No matter where you are in life at this point, or how far off course you feel you have strayed, you are in the perfect place to get back on track and reaffirm your goals, and head in that direction.

Many of us think this involves scurrying about, working harder, being busier, spending more money, time and energy to engineer the results we seek; and, especially if we are in a place of vulnerability or lowered resilience at present, this can simply feel too hard.

Relax – It is not about doing more and trying harder. It simply involves asking yourself ONE SIMPLE QUESTION: What belief about life must I have for this outcome to have shown up? That’s it.

In the most basic terms, our sub-conscious beliefs govern our outcomes, because it is the role of our sub-conscious to align the results in our life to remain congruent with our belief system, and no matter whether we define the outcome as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it will always add evidence to our inherent beliefs. Once we ‘update’ our beliefs, we will begin to see progress in our outcomes!

Consider how we teach our children, and how they are sponges for what we tell them or reflect to them; if they hear someone say they are ‘good at sport’, or ‘bad at maths’, this becomes their belief, and becomes self-fulfilling.

Another quick example: I know a lovely woman who has such an ingrained belief that she is a victim and that nothing ever goes right for her, that no matter what great outcomes I’ve seen her almost reach over the years, she invariably manages to self-sabotage the outcome. Then, sadly, she spends considerable time and energy seeking others to blame, rather than revising her beliefs, putting energy towards taking the appropriate steps, and consequently enjoying the results which would transpire.

A good way to change how you think is to ‘fake it til you make it’. Design a picture of yourself succeeding, so you can visualise yourself and your outcomes as you desire. Write a description, paint a picture, or make a vision board. Define ‘who is my successful/ wealthy / healthy/ happy self?’ and start being that person, making decisions and choices as that person. You will soon see your results changing to align with this new, fledgling belief system, and you will, indeed, be that person! Enjoy!

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