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Fri 30 Aug 2019

The ultimate business strategy

Business Planning & Strategies
If we type “business strategy” into Google, we will be presented with over 2.8 billion search results! Now that’s a whole lot of strategy talk, and we could be forgiven for feeling pretty damn overwhelmed, not having a clue where to start.

Let me make that very simple – right here, right now by sharing the ultimate business strategy.  A thinking strategy that we can apply to every decision we need to make and every scenario we find ourselves in.

Thinking is a skill.

I am sure we all know someone who could benefit from developing that skill a little!

Or maybe we recognize in ourselves that we need to improve our ability to think things through a little more thoroughly!

A common mistake that I see people make is to focus on DOING.  Many of us make the time for goal setting to some extent, but then dive straight into doing stuff.  We get engrossed in being busy and doing and very often fail to realise we have missed some crucial steps.

Imagine deciding on a destination, then jumping straight into the car and starting to drive.  Sure, we can drive, we can drive all day; but are we driving in the right direction?  Are we making progress? Are we heading towards where we need to go or are we just filling our day by driving?

The latter quickly becomes pretty deflating and exhausting because we’re working hard right?  Yet never getting where we need to go…let’s have a look at how we could approach things instead…

STEP 1 – Set up the environment for success

Before we do ANYTHING, we need to know what the end game is.  What are we trying to achieve?  What is important to us?  What do we believe is true?  What is our attitude to achieving it?  Why are we doing it?

Many of us set goals we then struggle to achieve, and this is mainly due to us setting goals we think we ought to set.  By fully thinking through WHY we want to achieve a goal, what it will mean and what success will look like, we become more invested in achieving it.

Step 2 – Create the structure to make it happen

This is like planning the route for a car journey.  What things do we need to consider?  What do we need to make sure we have covered?  What are the benchmarks of excellence we can compare our progress to?  Do we have instructions, plans, policies, procedures?  Do we know what we must do to succeed?

Step 3 – Now we do the doing

We have planned the destination; we know why we are going there; we know when we need to get there; how long it takes to get there; the route we will take; where we will need to stop for fuel; where we will have lunch; we have charged the phone with the GPS; we have set up everything we need to in order to achieve our outcome; so NOW we do!

Step 4 – Who is supporting us?

Finally, we need to consider who is in our corner; how can they support us?  Can they offer us feedback?  How can we improve?  What can we learn?

By thinking everything through in this structure we are ensuring that we are set for success.  Which stage do you think you could focus more time on?

(The Critical Alignment Model™ as described here was produced by Sharon Pearson of The Coaching Institute, Melbourne and is reproduced with permission.)

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