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Mon 15 Jun 2020

There’s Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Advertising & Marketing
It's a global pandemic.

Life has changed. Some businesses are being hit hard. Others, not as hard and others somewhere in between. There seems to be no rainbow in sight let alone a pot of gold.

When life and business get turned upside down, it’s natural to go into “hunker down” mode. It’s understandable to want to cut all expenses and anticipate the worst. None of us should feel bad about these very valid (and sometimes practical) reactions.

We are unsure about what the future holds and there are so many things out of our control right now. And it’s normal to feel vulnerable and anxious about what lies ahead. However, I’d like to offer 5 reasons why suspending marketing now, may not be the best thing to do. In fact, there are many reasons why marketing should continue or even get more resources.

  1. People are on social media a lot more right now
  2. Building a list may be easier than ever right now
  3. Marketing is not a switch; it’s an engine
  4. Business are reinventing themselves
  5. A recession is the time to increase market share

A decision to make

So, what should you do? That’s something only you can answer for your business. There are many very real considerations to work through including cash flow and financial situation. But if it’s feasible and realistic to continue your marketing or even increase it right now, it could pay off exponentially in the months and years to come.

How can we help you?

At Content Box, we are dedicated to Making Marketing Easy for small to mid-sized businesses. In these challenging times, we are working closely with all our clients to help them navigate the new world we are currently facing.

As an offer to other small businesses seeking extra support, we are offering a FREE website audit and a FREE no obligation 30-minute phone consultation to help you maintain your marketing activities, using some of the great tools out there. So, keep your marketing efforts going and be on the road that finds the rainbow! Click here

Contact us for an affordable, strategy-led marketing consultation. We’re fully aware of the trying times, and we want to help you through the current climate in a manner that you can be remembered for.

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