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Mon 2 Apr 2018

True Grit. You Either Have It or You Don’t!

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Determination, perseverance, the ability to hang in there and keep at something, believing you will succeed in the end is the definition of true grit.

Grit is a trait of perseverance that enables an individual to persevere in accomplishing a goal despite obstacles over an extended period.  It is the trait that keeps a woman chugging along at something when everyone has given up and apparently is a measure of emotional intelligence and well-being.


Perhaps it’s more about confidence and courage because women with true grit are resilient. They are empowered, even though they don’t always think so.  Nothing is going to stop them achieving their goals, no matter what life throws at them.  They know things are not always easy, they realise that there may be struggles along the way, but they are prepared to fight for what they want, regardless of the size of the opposition.

Erin Brokovich, an American legal clerk and environmental activist was instrumental in building a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) of California in 1993 and won despite having no legal background.  She is one of many women who want to achieve a dream in life and will do whatever it takes to get there.

The True Grit Test

Take this simple test. Give yourself 1 point for every yes you gave.  No points for a no answer

  1. When things are tough, you never roll over. You keep going, regardless
  2. You know what you want in life and are going all out to achieve it
  3. You are note easily put down and you don’t often take things personally
  4. You always think in a very positive way
  5. You constantly look for opportunities and ways to solve your problems
  6. You like and believe in you, warts and all


  • If you scored 6 points, you are queen of true grit. Nothing stops you!
  • If you scored 4 – 5, you are fairly resilient overall and true grit drives you
  • If you scored below 3 it depends on how you feel on the day and you may be easily deterred from achieving your goals long term

If you truly want something in your life, how much effort and energy will you put into achieving it?  Will you go the extra mile and make a stand, or does it all get too hard?  Those who persevere succeed.  Those who don’t, don’t.  What’s your choice?

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