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Sometimes women don't recognise their own strength or power - but at 'Working Women' magazine we do!

In the Up-Front editorial feature section of each issue of 'Working Women' we introduce our readers to seemingly ordinary women who are achieving extraordinary business success.

Often these women's achievements and stories never see the light of day due to the fact they 'just do' opposed to having the time spare to tell everyone they are 'doing it'.

Therefore we make it our business to share these amazing female entrepreneurs inspiring stories so our readers have access to role models from whom they can learn, develop and grow their businesses.

If you are a female entrepreneur with a successful business and have a turn-over in excess of half a million dollars we invite you to submit an Up-Front feature story so your journey can inspire  the readers of 'Working Women' magazine.

See some of the women who have featured in the Up-Front section of our magazine.

Submission Specifications:

To secure a double page spread in the Up-Front section a range of professional portrait and editorial style photos (in full colour) must be supplied.

Please DO NOT initiate an Up-Front editorial submission unless you can supply professional photos to be used with the article. 

To secure a double page Up-Front spread a booking for a full page display advertisement must also be made.

Guidelines for Article: 

  • We expect all submitted articles to be publication-ready.
  • Professionally written articles from PR and media firms are preferred opposed to those written by the entrepreneurs themselves.
  • Articles are to be written in second or third person - avoid personal pronouns such as "I", "my", "we", "us". Use "you" language or third person "he", "she", "it", "they".
  • Maximum word count of the finished article must not exceed an 800 word count. 
  • All articles must include 6 Top Tips relating to the storyline. These tips are included in the 800 word count and will be used for an outbox in the layout.
  • All articles must be fully edited and proofread before submitting. (However, Women's Network Australia reserves the right to make any editing changes to the final article submitted).
  • The finished article is to be submitted in Word Document format using Times Roman size 12 font.
  • All formatting, tables, colours etc. are to be removed from the Word Document before submitting.
  • Submit your Word Document by email to editorial@womensnetwork.com.au with the subject line reading as follows: WW Magazine | Up-Front Submission | Insert female entrepreneur's name here.

    If you require an editorial feature article to be written for you and would like to be referred to a WNA Member who specialises in writing PR and media editorials please call us on T: 1800 052 476.

Guidelines for Photos: (Subject to approval by Editor in Chief)

  • Photos are to be scanned as .jpg files.
  • Resolution MUST be 300dpi or higher.
  • The size of all photos MUST be large enough to cover an A4 page.
  • A minimum of 3 photos are to be submitted so we have a selection to choose from.
  • Photos are to be in portrait composition NOT landscape.
  • Photos are to be studio quality produced with at least one of the photos supplied with a clean white background. (Subject to approval by Editor in Chief)
  • Suitable photos based on the guidelines above will be too large to be emailed to us directly. They MUST BE uploaded and sent through Hightail using E: editorial@womensnetwork.com.au as the recipient email address. 

    If you require professional photos and would like to be referred to a WNA Member who specialises in professional business photography please call us on T: 1800 052 476.


 WINTER/SPRING  11 April, 2018  OPEN  1 June, 2018
 SUMMER/AUTUMN  11 October, 2018  PENDING  1 December, 2018


If you would like to discuss an Up-Front editorial submission, its suitability for publication or you have questions relating to how to make a submission please contact our office on T: 1800 052 476.

Want to feature on the Front Cover of 'Working Women' magazine?

This is an amazing PR opportunity to be showcased on both the front cover and within the body of our prestigious national business women's magazine.

Working Women magazine - Summer/Autumn 2018The Working Women Front Cover package includes:

  • The featured entrepeneur positioned on the front cover of 'Working Women' magazine.
  • A double page 800 word Up-Front feature article in the body of the magazine.
  • One full-page colour display advertisement in the body of the magazine (includes free artwork design if required).
  • Up to 500 complimentary printed copies of the magazine - available for collection from our head office.

    Enquire further about the *Front Cover package by calling our office on T: 1800 052 476. The all inclusive price for the Front Cover package is $3,490 - (Total value of the Front Cover package is $7,200.00). *Applicants must meet business criteria and benchmarks.

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