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Mon 3 Dec 2018

Vitamin B – Why it is Essential in your Daily Skin Care Routine.

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Vitamin B is a wonder vitamin for skin care because it is so versatile! Not only does it perform so many beneficial functions for the skin on its own, it complements other skin care ingredients to boost their power.

B group vitamins are an essential nutrient – our body needs them for growth and well-being, but they cannot be made or stored in the body. So, we need to be continuously consuming them through our diet and applying them topically via our skin care serums.

General body deficiencies in B vitamins are often first seen in the skin, which can be in the form of redness, irritation, dermatitis or even pigmentation. This has lead skin care developers to enhance the use of topical Vitamin B to provide a wide range of skin benefits.

The most influential Vitamin B group in skin is B3 or niacinamide. It’s easily absorbed by the skin, so it gets straight to work deep in the layers of the skin where it’s needed, normalising the pH of the surface of the skin and increasing blood flow. This, in turn, means you receive more nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which simply helps with all skin functions.

The effects of using Vitamin B on your Skin:

  • A reduction in redness from inflammation – great for acne and congestion.
  • A reduction of yellowing and sallowness as it brightens the skin
  • A decrease in hyperpigmented spots – uneven skin tone.
  • Smoother skin that is more even-textured
  • A refining of pore size by regulating sebum production – less breakouts
  • A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles – slower ageing.
  • Plumper skin with improvement of moisture retention by strengthening the outermost layers of the skin – brilliant for dehydration.

For problem skins, acne and rosacea patients, this vitamin will improve their skin barrier function, as well as increase their tolerance to topical retinoids (Vitamin A). Ageing skins and those with sun damage will also reap the benefits of the combination of niacinamide and Vitamin A.

There is a reason why all our clients receive a combination B vitamin serum application after our clinical procedures! It stimulates healing properties within the skin, calms and hydrates, and gives a luminosity to dull skin.

We love it and would be surprised if you didn’t too!

For help on choosing the best Vitamin B serum for your age and skin condition click on our link to read more or submit your free online skin consultation – receive personalised answers to help you solve your skin concerns.

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