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Wed 8 May 2019

What is Human Technology in a Digital World?

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In todays' modern age how do we form a real connection with other people for a lasting business relationship.

What is Human Technology in a Digital World?

As a mother of a large blended family of 6 children, I know that having a human touching you all the time is very off putting, you sometimes don’t want them crawling all over you and hugging you or even holding your hand. You just want to tell them to leave you be but as an entrepreneur I know that not having a human connection makes you feel isolated and consistently questioning your ideas and business strategies.

In today’s social media instant gratification world, it seems that people have lost that connection. Welcome to the concept of Human Technology, where meeting someone in person rather than via skype or zoom is common place. What happens in today’s modern world when technology fails us?

We tend to revert back to tried and true methods of communication. Whilst technology has its place and makes our lives easier (for the love of Netflix and all things to keep the kids quiet) it should not be the only business marketing strategy you utilise in your business.

Human Technology is about incorporating a healthy balance of digitalisation and in person social interactions in a diverse way to improve your business networking and marketing. For example, look at how much time you spend in responding to an enquiry via social media rather than just picking up the phone and calling the person, look at the miscommunications that can occur through text compared to having an actual conversation with a person and gaining clarity and insight into a person and their business needs.

Whilst we spend time sorting through the bevvy of media posts it can make it harder to identify the tyre kickers when you are just relaying on one form of communication and not using a collaborative approach. So pick up the phone and call a person you have exchanged a business card with at a Networking event rather than sending them a text or email and see how it goes. You might just find that you have made an instant connection compared to a few weeks of back and forth emails.

Life happens and we all get busy but when you put in the effort to make real people form real connections for realistic solutions your business and your networks will grow beyond your expectations for the better. Don’t be afraid to grow and expand your networks or your business.

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