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Thu 25 Oct 2018

What on Earth is this Unpronounceable Word? Aphanizomenon Flos – Aquae (AFA)

Health & Wellbeing
AFA is a blue - green algae, similar to Spiralina which is well known to most of us. However this algae is totally unique, profound with extra-ordinary properties, a powerful balanced vital Superfood, which is pristine, wild and naturally pure....

Does a place still exist where such foodstuff grow naturally and organically?

YES! Klamath Lake, Oregon in USA – is one of the most geologically active regions in the world, a guarantee for mineral content.

It is only recently that science has revealed that AFA contains unique molecules that modulate various aspects of human health such as :PEA – a natural mood enhancer and phycocyanin, the pigment in AFA which has strong anti-inflammatory properties and polysaccharides which stimulate the migration of immune cells.  But the most extraordinary discovery is that it is the first natural compound known to stimulate adult stem cell release and has the innate phenomenon of healing, regeneration and repair in the human body.

David Wolfe (Visionary Nutritionist) in his book “Superfoods” lists AFA from Klamath as one of the top 10 “Superfoods”.  He says, “It stimulates the production of adult stem cells; is loaded with chlorophyll which helps build our blood and contains 40 major and trace minerals, (especially iron, zinc, selenium & magnesium) necessary to build bones, teeth, skin, hair, nails, internal organs, muscular system, immune system and nervous system.  It is an excellent source of B vitamins; is a complete protein source and has 18 amino acids.  The Phycocyanin helps inhibit the growth of certain cancer colonies, and amongst other things, it keeps our liver functioning at an optimum level”.

The lake has a constant mineral rich sediment, ranging between 18-35 feet in depth. This is so rich, that algae could survive for the next 60 years without any new run-off from the lake surrounds.

The AFA plant has little gas vacuums within its plant walls.  When nutrient is needed, the plant releases this gas, enabling it to dive down into the sediment to absorb nutrients, once satiated, it inflates itself to float up to just under the surface of the lake, to bask in the sunlight, achieving photosynthesis.

When AFA plant is examined under and microscope, you can actually see the cells of trapped sunlight!  This is truly magical, so when we consume AFA algae, we are consuming light!

Adult Stem Cells are the greatest health, medical and scientific breakthrough in our time!

I am always happy to discuss and answer any questions which may result from my blog, however please remember I do not make any health claims. This article is for educational purposes only. I do not diagnose, cure, alleviate or prevent any disease.

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