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Mon 10 Jul 2017

Who are the Strong Women who have Influenced YOU?

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Have you ever stopped to consider what beliefs you have about life? And where you developed these? Who were the women who influenced you? What impact did they have on your personal and professional evolution? These women may have been mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, teachers, community members. What did you learn from them? Was it negative or positive? Were there significant, impactful events which gave you a resolve to do things differently? Or alternatively, to emulate strong women role models in your life?

For many of us, we have never paused to consider the influential women in our formative years who had an impact on the type of women we became; however, that doesn’t mean they weren’t there, and perhaps it is worth giving some thought as to what you learnt from these women, and what beliefs about life you formed as a result; and whether these beliefs truly serve you now, and the person you strive to be?

If you are a little further along the path to maturity, perhaps you are now, formally or informally, a mentor or role model for other women; daughters, sisters, nieces, staff… What are you teaching them by example?

So much of who we become is the result of the strong women who have been before us: our mothers and grandmothers. Sometimes we seek to emulate them; we aspire to be like them in some or many ways. In other cases we may observe some characteristic and resolve not to be like that! For instance, how often do we hear words coming out of our mouths and thinking, occasionally with a cringe, that we sound just like our mothers? Unless we mindfully choose our behaviour and language, it is our nature to default back to that which has been programmed into us during our early years. And while it is possible, and reasonably simple, to override this conditioning blueprint, it begins by our becoming aware of what propels us to act as we do, and to choose our words and actions more purposefully in alignment with the woman we want to be.

Having said that, regardless of whether you feel that the influential women in your life had a positive or a negative impact upon your development, be thankful for the lessons they taught you, in that they gave you the strength of character or other attributes you may identify with, and the understanding of what you did or did not aspire to be like.

In addition, be mindful of what you are teaching younger women in your vicinity, and the example of leadership you are setting for them.

We are women, we are strong! Celebrate our collective wisdom, both in the current age and that handed down from those who’ve gone before us, and acknowledge all that we achieve, individually and collectively!

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